Saturday, February 1, 2014

Week One - Day Six

I have to say that this morning did not start off too good. Not feeling good at all after getting the flu shot! I had crazy dreams all night long and woke up with a bad headache. Needless to say there was no breakfast.  Just a small bite of sausage to put something in my stomach so I could take my medication. And that retirement party I was going to go to? Not going to happen. Unhappy girl here. :(

Later on in the day I did start to feel better and was a little bit hungry. I had a small serving of the 3+Bean Salad I mentioned yesterday. It was very tasty and my hunger was satisfied.  

(Pretend those red onions are really scallions!)

As the day wore on I did get the munchies so I made a batch of roasted chickpeas.  A little time consuming to make, but very satisfying. Next time I will put the seasoning on close to the end instead of at the beginning. 

I am ending my night with a little bit of rotisserie chicken and a very small salad.  No, I am not starving myself intentionally.  I just really haven't felt like eating today.  

If I get ambitious in the next hour or so I may throw together some low carb peanut butter cookies. If that can't make me feel better, then nothing will. 

(I will let you know how they turned out tomorrow.)
Please have a simply lovely evening.


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