Saturday, February 8, 2014

Week Two - Day Six

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.  Yep, that's pretty much how the last 24 hours has been.

Last night Jon, Cheryl and the grandkids stopped by for a visit.  "I brought you a piece of pizza!" Cheryl said. OMG... Hawaiian! I ate about half of it, and then picked the top off the rest of it. Just a skoosh off my plan for the day.

Today is a different matter. Should I be worried? What do you think?

Got to Captain's house about 9:30 this morning because we were going winetasting in Livermore, about 90 miles away. He wanted to stop at Cafe Lumiere and get a coffee and croissant.  I got a coffee, he got a coffee and the ham and cheese croissant. He wanted to share it with me, so I had a couple of bites, but gave him the rest of my half.  (Oh my, but they are good!)

We arrived at Charles R Vineyards. It is the "pick-up party" for wine club members, so they are rather busy. The snacks were cranberry salsa on goat cheese served with sesame crackers. And blueberry preserves on goat cheese. And pate a choux with apricot jam. And salty crust bites.  OMG... I may be in trouble now.  Overall I did not do too bad. I had about six crackers, mostly with the goat cheese and salsa, and 7 wine tastings. Then they brought out the port with the brownie bite.  Really, it was just a bite. Maybe a 1 inch square of brownie. It was an awesome pairing.  

We visited with friends for a while, then hit the road. We were going to try McConnell Vineyards in Elk Grove, which was on the way home. We tasted 5 different wines, 3 of which were sparkling, and then THEY brought out the port and chocolate. It was really good port, and fortunately we only had 3 small bites of chocolate. 

Long day, and we are headed to Vallejo's for an early dinner.  I love Mexican food.  My favorite!
I ordered carnitas with all beans, no rice, and flour tortillas. Captain ordered steak, chicken and shrimp ranchero. Did I mention how much I love Mexican food?  

Anyhoo... I had some carnitas on a flour tortilla and half my beans. I also had 3 chips with tomatillo salsa. He ate half of his plate. Waiter, may we have a doggie bag?  Most of my dinner, half of his dinner, and the rest of the chips found their way into the doggie bag and went home with Captain. 

As I step back and review my day it really wasn't as bad as it could have been. I did not over-indulge or over-eat. Did I keep to my Atkins plan? No. Is it ok? Yes. Why? Because I am not going to beat myself up for being human.

I am very proud of the success I have had over the past 13 days. I am taking this one day at a time. It's all any of us can do.

Tomorrow is another day to continue with my commitment. See you tomorrow!


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