Thursday, February 13, 2014

Week Three - Day Four: I am getting better...

Yes, after 13 hours of sleep I think I am back among the living.  This "whatever it is" seemed to have only lasted for 24 hours, but boy, did it take the wind out of my sails!!!

Today I have eaten rice, bananas, applesauce; fluids included an iced tea from Starbucks (because I HAD to run an errand for my parents) and Propel Water - peach flavored!

Sadly dinner at the The Firehouse had to be cancelled.  

We rescheduled it for next Tuesday where we will (1) partake of winetasting in their wine cellar that has over 18,000 bottles of wine... 

No, we will not be sampling all 18,000 bottles of wine. 
...and (2) go back upstairs for dinner.

When you're sick it's difficult to stay focused on eating the right things, because really, you don't feel like eating anything at all. The next 3 days will be interesting to see how I do as we have plans for every day. But I will be writing about it so you can keep me accountable for my actions.

Although it's still early I am going to say good night. Time to go eat a little bit of applesauce. MMMmmm...  Have a beautiful evening.


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