Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Week Two - Day Two

It's still day one, but wanted to share that I have decided to try to pre-plan my food adventures as much as possible. Tonight I got the coffee ready to brew and set the timer. I also cut and cleaned jalapenos so I can make those jalapeno poppers I've been talking about. The cream cheese is left out to get to room temperature. All that will be left to do is mix the cheeses, cut the bacon, stuff, wrap, roll and bake. It should be a nice snack.

Tuesdays will be a challenge to plan because our standing date is Pint Night at The Happy Viking. Do I have breakfast, lunch and no snack? Do I have brunch and a snack? Since the snack is already planned I guess I just have to worry about my brunch. My dinner at HV will be the backyard brat (hold the bun, please), and a salad instead of fries. All within my plan. I will have a sip of Captain's beer but I still plan on that bloody Mary.

OK, enough stressing for one day. Day two will be here soon enough.

Today is here. Breakfast was scrambled eggs and hot dogs. I love hot dogs. Did I mention that already? I cut up two hot dogs, crisped them up in the skillet, and then poured two eggs on top. Made a huge pile of food. Maddie got half.

Why? My appetite has definitely decreased. Just because I had gastric bypass and can't eat a lot at a time doesn't mean I'm not wanting to eat. But I'm happy to say that I just don't want to eat. How cool is that?

There was no lunch today. When we finally got to Happy Viking we had a 45 minute wait to get a table. That has only happened one other time. We met a lovely couple, Susan and Tom, and asked if they wanted to join us, so they did. We all hit it off. She likes to walk the mall and shared an app, Map My Walk, with me. I downloaded it so I can track my walks and see what progress I will be making. She does 7 mile walks at the mall and asked if I'd like to join her. I told her I have a hard time doing that much walking on concrete. So maybe later, but not now.

Dinner for me was as promised - the brat (no bun) and salad (no fries). And yep, you guessed it, I had that Bloody Mary. Oh, and that sip of Captain's beer. It was something called Manzanita Brewing's "Where There's Smoke" and it was the most bizarre thing! A very strong smokey flavor. Ugh!!! But he liked it. However, it's not something he would order again. Did I mention that we also shared calamari? Susan shared it with us, but Tom is allergic to seafood. :(

So those are my uneventful adventures in food today. All in all it was a quiet day. Still haven't made those jalapeno poppers...

...but I will. Thanks for listening to me!


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