Monday, February 10, 2014

Week Three - Day One: Taking it One Day at a Time!

This is going to be quite a week for me. Plans for the 13th, 14th, 15th. 16th and 17th; all with Captain and they all surround Valentine's Day. Did I mention I love that guy?

I so enjoyed the morning. The cold rain, the hot coffee, Maddie snuggling on my lap.  A very peaceful, relaxed way to start this 3rd week.  

It's funny how most cravings just aren't there anymore. But then it happens... What I have discovered is, just a glimpse of something will make me want to jump up, run into my kitchen, and eat whatever it was I just saw. If you know me you will know that if given the choice of a fabulous loaf of bread or a bowl of chocolate, I will take the bread. With butter, please. No jam, jelly or preserves. Pure, unadulterated bread. That is heaven. 

So... I was watching TV, I have no idea what the program or commercial was, and they showed this sandwich made on a ciabatta roll. Now ciabatta is one of my favorite breads. My immediate thought was, I think I'll run to FoodMaxx and buy a bag of those bad boys! Whoa, was I surprised by my instant reaction! Really surprised! Those are the impulses I am trying to reign in and make myself more aware of. 

Sorry if I am repeating myself here, but I have a terrible, slow metabolism. My brain thinks I'm constantly starving so it wants to store everything I eat as fat. Just in case... Ugh! It's very frustrating, because even when I'm not hungry I want to eat. 

Food can also be very comforting, as well.  Wonderful memories of my grandmother making bread and then slicing it, putting butter on it, all hot and melty, and enjoying every drippy, messy bite of it. All of these things that make us who we are are very hard to resist. 

I am tired of feeling deprived.

I am tired of doing without.

I want to live and love life to the fullest. 

That is part of why it is a constant struggle for me.

That is why I am trying to plan my day, my week, my life. 

That is why I am taking it one day at a time.

Okay, rant over. :)

It has been a low key day. I did meet Captain for a movie, The Nut Job, and had some really good chuckles. The smell of buttered popcorn didn't even tempt me. 
Another little milestone in my life!

I've found some really good books on for free, or pretty cheap. You may want to check them out and see if there's anything you can glean from them. Low Carb Recipes: Easy Healthy Meals for Your Family, Low Carb Living: 35 Easy Low Carb Recipes To Kick-Start Weight Loss. Then on Barnes & Noble I found Carb Charts - Low Carb Reference Reference by Lisa Shea. It's an easy, small, comprehensive book, and a great find. 

So after a busy day of movies, grandbabies, and running errands, I made it home and had a light dinner - leftover spaghetti squash and rotisserie chicken.

My day is now over and I am feeling accomplished. Week 3 has started off very well.  I hope it ends on just as good of a note! Have a beautiful evening.


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