Friday, February 28, 2014

Week Five - Day Four: Captain's Birthday Dinner!

Sorry for being a wee bit late on this blog. This is actually the day after...

We finally celebrated Captain's birthday last night. He wanted to go to Pasquini's, a small family run Italian restaurant just north of Yuba City. 

We had a coupon for a free appetizer, so he got the lotus prawns. MMMmmm... Large prawns in a tempura-like batter, with seafood sauce and chinese mustard to dip them in. I had two, he had three.

They also serve this amazing homemade bread with olive oil, sweet balsamic vinegar and pressed garlic, of which we both partook. OMG let me tell you - divine. 

To go with the bread you also get a lovely salad with the best champagne vinaigrette that I've ever tried.

For dinner he had the shrimp scampi, which had 10 large prawns swimming in butter and lemon.

I had the tagliatelle bolognese. Yes, they make their own pasta fresh everyday and it melts in your mouth!

Not on my plan, I know. But it is now the last birthday to celebrate for almost 3 weeks! Yeah! But I did eat most of my salad and maybe 1/4 of my dinner, so Captain has leftovers for his dinner.

This morning he wanted to hit the bagel shop. Finally we found it! I had the breakfast bagel on a cheddar jalapeno bagel with egg, bacon, canadian bacon and cheddar cheese.  He had his on an everything bagel. They were both excellent! He ate all of his and 2/3 of mine. It is on our "must do it again" list. Freshest bagels I've had in years. 

And now that all of these temptations are out of my way I can move on with more low carb fare. I feel like I have been bouncing around for weeks TRYING to do low carb and not being able to do it completely. 

Today I am off to do some grocery shopping and restock my depleted pantry. It will be nice to have food around that I can eat and enjoy and not feel guilty about.

Until tonight... Or tomorrow... Whichever comes first. Thanks for hanging with me!

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