Saturday, February 15, 2014

Week Three - Day Six: My last day for waivering...

Today is day two of our Valentine's Day adventure. We started the morning by having a homemade country breakfast - sausage gravy, biscuits and eggs.  You should never go winetasting on an empty stomach. Not a good thing! He had his usual big breakfast; I had one egg, 1/2 biscuit, and 1/2 cup sausage gravy. I was very restrained. 

Remember, I am trying to be cautious while still enjoying myself on these couple of days of being off plan.

Grabbing our coats, we headed out the door and on to Concannon Vineyards in Livermore. It is their Valentine's Wine & Chocolate Pairings weekend. In Club 1883, their tasting room for Gatekeeper Guild Members (that would be Captain), they have their heritage wines. Excellent! They had acai berries covered in chocolate readily available to nibble while sipping the wine. I had two of them (the acai berries, that is) and one pretzel. On their last two vintage wines, a petite syrah and a cabernet sauvignon, they brought out two truffles. We shared them and they were yummy.

Before heading home we decided to stop in at Charles R Vineyard. We sampled wines there too, and they had cookie and biscotti bites to dip in the chocolate fountain.

I did not partake...

I wanted to...


After spending a lovely afternoon it truly was time to head home. This Valentine adventure has come to an end. I'm not sure if we are still going out tomorrow.  At this point it's wait and see.

I am now sitting here with my dog, enjoying a quiet night at home, and sharing with you. As I was not really hungry for dinner I just had some cheese so I could have a bit of protein in my system. I can definitely feel that I have not been eating right. It is not a pleasant feeling. 

I have my quarterly check-up on Tuesday. I'm anxious to see how I've done and I am expecting good things!

And now Saturday has come to an end, Sunday is in sight. Wishing you peaceful sleep.




  1. I want to stick my face in that chocolate fountain! It looks like you have been doing great from what I have read so far!

  2. Thank you so much, Kim! It was hard to resist that chocolate fountain for sure! Hahaha! Blogging really does help keep me focused, though. Doctor on Tuesday and I am hoping for good results.Thanks for reading and your feedback! {{hugs}}