Sunday, February 2, 2014

Week One - Day Seven

My first week is now complete. It has been successful. Blogging has helped me stay focused. Remember those Triscuits that were calling my name? They are no longer talking to me.  Don't get me wrong, there are many times I just wanted to grab something and snack on it, like when I came across an open bag of chocolate chunks. I thought, oh, a couple won't hurt. But they do. It just chips away at the resolve you have spent time building up. You may be wondering if I did have a couple, and the answer to that is "no."

This second week I will try to eat a more "balanced" meal and not just snack my way through the day. I have found many, many good recipes that I posted on Pinterest. Cauliflower is a big substitute for a lot of things. Some of the recipes I find make me want to like, or at least try, zucchini. That remains to be seen. Low carb sushi and a ceviche salad are now something I will be trying. So those are adventures on my horizon.

Confession! I did make those peanut butter cookies last night. They satisfied my craving, but I think there are better recipes out there. I won't make those again. Having said that, I still have 22 of them left. So they will be with me for a day or two.

I am definitely feeling better. The flu shot reaction has passed. That is a good thing, because it lasted about 30 hours. Ugh...

Now, how did my day go? I will tell you.

The morning started with the usual coffee and half n half (no sugar).  I had to have a quick bite of something so I grabbed one of those peanut butter cookies I made last night so I could take my morning meds.  Then I set about frying up some steak bites.  I was going to have a scrambled egg with it, but my appetite is either (a) still not back to normal or (b) I am getting satisfied with less food.  Maddie is lucky, she got the rest of my steak!

Bonus! This morning I am actually feeling "thinner." My stomach has that flat feel to it, at least on the inside.  The outside not so much. Hahaha! Maybe someday... I'm glad my tummy isn't still wanting to eat everything in sight!

Yes, today is that combo Super Bowl/birthday party.  I was a bit concerned about how I would do.
Birthday party?

What have I gotten myself into?  This, and two cakes, and two platters of ribs, and 3 plates of boneless chicken wings, is what I got myself into.  

A huge platter with sliced baguette and spinach dip eventually made an appearance as well, but I resisted.  But what did I eat, you may ask?  Well, I had two deviled eggs, marinated artichokes, a gourmet olive selection, proscuitto and salami.  I eventually got around to trying the buffalo chicken. Drinks? A glass of wine and a bottle of water.  I ended the day with a small mocha at the coffee house with Captain before heading home.  My first concession of the week. (Inserting a bit of cuteness here... As I was pulling out of his driveway he said, "I love you my cute, hobbit sized smoochie-kins! Call me when you get home!"  ~sigh~ Yep, best boyfriend ever!!!!)

How is this girl feeling? Like this: 

My day has come to an end. Now on to week two.  Everyday will be a new adventure. Thanks for hanging with me!

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