Sunday, February 9, 2014

Week Two - Day Seven! The end of the week is here!

Stay focused!

Being as I wavered a bit yesterday, today I am once again armed with resolve to stay focused. Breakfast for me was nothing but protein.  I made those tasty little cheese crisps. This time I doctored them up.  Remember those jalapeno poppers I made? Well, I had ends of bacon left over, so I cut them into pieces, fried them, put them on top of the cheese and baked 'em. Note to self - don't bake longer than 10 minutes! Don't they look tasty? Very satisfying, too. If food isn't satisfying you, you shouldn't be eating it. Otherwise you will want to continue eating until you are satisfied - or you are so stuffed you can't eat anymore, which isn't good, either.

No lunch today, but an early dinner. I baked a spaghetti squash, scraped it out of its shell, and then covered it with browned butter and tons of mizithra cheese. Just fabulous and so satisfying. MMMmmm...  The cheese is rather salty so you don't need to add any salt. Tomorrow I will jazz up the leftovers with a little fresh cracked black pepper, garlic, and maybe just a sprinkling of parsley for a bit of freshness. Or rosemary. Or thyme. Thoughts? 

That has been my day. The rain has been steady; it's been very quiet; and all is well with the world. Sending you blessing as you head towards dreamland. 


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