Sunday, February 16, 2014

Week Three - Day Seven: Back on Track!

Today is the 21st day, and after a couple of days of being off plan (partially due to being sick and partially Valentine's Day) I am getting back on track.

My morning started off with hot dogs for breakfast.  Yes, they are not that good for me, but they satisfy me. Bacon isn't good either, but it's all no/low carb and that is my focus. I do take all my vitamins and minerals, so I am not lacking in those.

I found a new recipe that I want to try today.  It's called Layered Mexican Casserole with Chicken, Green Chiles, Pinto Beans, and Cheese, one that is apparently good on phase one of the South Beach diet.  I have not looked very closely into the SBD, other than it is low carb too, so I can't speak to it. Again, my concern is no/low carb.  Here is a picture and the recipe.

The chicken is simmering on the stove and most of the ingredients are gathered to make it. I will let you know how it turns out. 

Lunchtime rolled around and I was just craving a bowl of crispy, crunchy lettuce and whatever toppings I could find to put on top.  I took my lettuce out of the fridge and made a near disastrous discovery. My lettuce was rusting. {unhappy_girl} I think what may have happened is, I took the core out of the lettuce by hitting it on the counter top and bruised it. I won't do that again. I will just cut the core out and then prep all the lettuce at once so it will be ready to eat.  

I put ham and cheese on top with ranch dressing. I also had olives, broccoli, pea pods and carrots on the side.  I am stuffed! It was really, really good and so refreshing!

Dinner was going to be the aforementioned casserole, but I was still missing a couple of ingredients, which I will pick up when I go to the grocery store tomorrow.  Dinner was my leftover spaghetti squash topped with my fabulous slow cooker bolognese (made previously and frozen).  This recipe is just fabulous! My twist on it is I add shredded carrots (one medium) instead of the sugar and use half ground beef and half hot Italian sausage. The wine I used was a late harvest Zinfandel from Merlo Vineyards. Such a wonderful wine, and I always serve it when making this dinner. But for tonight I won't be sipping any as I am out. :( Just remember when you try this recipe to use a really good, bold, red wine so the flavor comes thru.

I have to say it was a really satisfying meal and very filling.  Sprinkled a little (well, maybe a lot) of parmesan on top (and mixed in, as well) and just went for it. I'm hungry!!!

I know, it doesn't really look that appetizing, but it was! :)
I am having the munchies today and want to eat everything in sight, so I have eaten more than I normally do. But at least it's all been what I'm supposed to. And if I really need to snack, at least I've got good veggies at hand. But... I... am... resisting... the... urge... to... snack... 

That has been my day. I will not eat anything else now that dinner is over. Thanks for hanging with me. I really do appreciate the support! 

Have a lovely, restful night.

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