Friday, February 7, 2014

Week Two - Day Five

Friday, and the weekend is sneaking up on us. Love it! We will be winetasting this weekend. Saturday will be at Charles R in Livermore; Sunday will be at Bogle in Clarksburg. Do you know what a bogle is? It's Scottish/Gaelic and refers to a ghost or "freakish spirit who delights rather to perplex and frighten mankind than either to serve or seriously hurt them." It's where we get the term, "boogeyman."

Tried that cookie recipe last night. It was great! The addition of the golden flax seed flour and vanilla really made a difference both in the taste and texture. Now I need to keep an eye out for almond and/or cashew butter to try it that way. Made 25 cookies. Happy girl...

I had a quick breakfast of a hot dog, just steamed and crisped up, because I thought I was going to have to rescue Captain as his car was going into the shop for repairs. Dodged that bullet! He didn't need me after all. Well he does, just not to pick him up today.  Breakfast is not my favorite time to eat. Love breakfast, just not first thing in the morning. I'm not really hungry, but I have to eat something.

By the time lunch rolled around I still wasn't very hungry.  I grabbed one of my cookies and decided to run errands.  Of course it had started raining, not just sprinkling. Lucky me! That's ok, because by the time I got home I WAS hungry! Lunch was easy enough. I put together a bowl of veggies to dip in my peanut butter dressing and a scoop of cottage. It was just enough. I then set about making those crispy chickpeas again. This time I baked them on a cookie sheet and didn't add the seasonings until the last 15 minutes. Delish! I now have more snacks for when the urge hits me.

The one thing I've found is that I am not constantly thinking about eating on a 24/7 basis. I'm feeling very satisfied and I don't have much of an appetite.  It feels good, I must say. 

There is no dinner on my plate tonight. No menus are planned for this weekend. But I am armed with resolve to stay focused this weekend.  Until tomorrow, I bid you...

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