Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Week Four - Day Three: Struggling to get back on track!

Although I have not strayed a LOT from my plan, I have strayed, and it is so difficult to get back on track.

Captain invited me to breakfast this morning for Crazy Alex, a fellow firefighter that has retired. They are having their get-together at Fox & Goose, a traditional English pub that has amazing food. (Here is their breakfast menu!) Last night I thought I would go, but this morning I woke up and I was still so full from the night before that I had to decline the invite. No surprise, he was just as full too, and he was just going to eat something light.

I so wanted to try their Welsh Rarebit. It will have to wait for another day.

Nine o'clock rolls around and because I have to eat something before taking my morning meds, I ate part of my leftover chateaubriand from last night. OMG, I forgot how tasty and tender it was.

Ironically that was the only thing I had to eat today until about 4:30 this afternoon. I drove thru KFC and bought a combo with breast, wing, and coleslaw. 

I ate half the coleslaw and the wing. That was it. I am just not hungry today. It has really shown how when you get used to NOT eating sugars and such that it can really get to you when you partake thereof. 

I am spending the evening with Jalen so Mommy and Daddy can have a date night. He entertains himself and that makes it very easy. And when he's ready for bed, he is ready. I love spending time with him.

In looking ahead for the next month, I have 4 birthdays to celebrate over the next week, and an additional 4 more in March. Getting thru those will be a challenge!!! I have son Jon on the 21st, daughter-in-law Cheryl on the 23rd, Captain's sister-in-law on the 24th, and Captain on the 25th. Then my mom on March 1st, grandson Elliott on the 3rd, daughter Megan on the 16th and grandson Jalen on the 27th. Aghhh!!!

In the meantime, that has been my uneventful day. I survived and did not waiver. Wishing you a lovely night! 


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