Monday, February 3, 2014

Week Two - Day One

Yes, let the day begin.

To start off I want to share another website I found that is full of low carb and a lot of gluten free. It's got amazing recipes and it's called I Breathe...I'm Hungry... I found it on Pinterest, and a recipe for broccoli slaw was on her home page. I just bought a bag of broccoli slaw and knew I would use it, but just wasn't sure how. So I'm making this soon. Get some veggies in my repertoire.

Having survived the party yesterday, I am beginning week 2.

I planned my menu for the day. Breakfast was to be Pioneer Woman's Lazy Chile Rellenos. Dinner will be a tostada salad made on those cheese crisps. I wasn't sure if there would be a third meal that day, but I thought perhaps I would make a couple jalapeno poppers to snack on during the day. Sounds rather tasty, if I do say so myself!

Got up at 8:15 and by 8:45 I had my first cup of coffee and the rellenos were in the oven.  I only made half the amount since it's only for me.  I had 1/4 of the casserole and it's very filling.  I have discovered that although it's good I prefer my chilis chopped up, not in whole pieces. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I had to try it anyway. As I noticed it was a bit watery I thought perhaps I had not let the eggs set up completely, although they were cooked. So I set the casserole dish back into the "warm" oven. Um... It wasn't warm, it was still on and set to 325 degrees. 30 minutes later, when I started to smell it,  I had a casserole that, while still edible (if you're starving and there's nothing else to eat) was completely overcooked.  Oh well, it looked good swirling the drain.  Goodbye, lazy rellenos.

After cleaning the kitchen (I want a maid!) and doing laundry I decided to have just a small lunch.

I still have the 3 bean salad that I need to finish, so I had a bowl. And of course throughout the day I have been snacking on the peanut butter cookies.  They do satisfy that need to snack, and for that I am grateful.  

As you know I keep surfing the web for low carb recipes. The recipes call for a variety of flours from gluten free (no description but usually made from chickpeas) to almond. Here is a great comparison chart for the nutritional value of various flours.  I am going to try to stick to the top 3 as they have the least amount of carbs. Yes, they are higher in calories because they have more oil in them, but there are no carbs in oil!

MMMmmm... Let some low carb baking begin!

Dinnertime rolled around and I did make those tostadas using the cheese crisp as the tortilla base. All I can say is, "Amazing!"  First I cooked up my 1 lb of hamburger, seasoning it with salt, pepper, garlic, onion, 1 tsp chili powder, and 1/2 tsp each of cumin and coriander.  While that stayed warm on the stove I took 3 slices of real Swiss cheese, put them on a cookie sheet and made crisps out of them.  Fifteen minutes later, when they were hot out of the oven, I put them on a plate, covered them with the seasoned hamburger, lettuce, cheese, and salsa.  I then proceeded to eat them.  The cheese crisp (aka "frico") stayed crisp the entire time.  Oh were they good! Can we say "completely stuffed?" 

Apologies that I did not get a picture of the final product. I thought I did... (I'm so embarrassed.)


There are still a few hours before bedtime, and if there is any snacking to be done it will be those peanut butter cookies. How can they be so good if they were so meh?

Now I bid you good night and I will see you tomorrow.  

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