Monday, February 17, 2014

Week Four - Day One: It's Almost One Month!

Damn you, Mr. Peanut! I could not resist you!

Yes, it's true, I broke down last night and had a little snack. It was a very little snack - less than 1/4 cup. All protein, very low in carbs. It's all good. Why I felt the need to snack, IDK. But getting back on track is tough once you have wavered.

Captain and I had plans today for lunch, then up to the Sierra foothills to pick up some wine. And because I knew we were going to have an early lunch I did not eat any breakfast.

Well, we got to The Giant Orange, a burger joint where I was hoping to get an awesome chef's salad, but they were closed. Really? It's Monday, for cryin' out loud! Plan B - we went to Sam's Kosher Deli instead. Can I just tell you, they have the most amazing reuben sandwiches ever! I order one every time we go there. But wait, I'm trying to stick to my plan. Now what do I do?

Do I have to share? Fine, if I must.

Well, I took half the sandwich and ate all the filling and maybe half a slice of the bread with it. Then I asked the waitress for a take-home box and sent the rest of the sandwich and potato salad home with Captain. He had a Monte Cristo sandwich; he took half of his home with a lot of his fries. That was his dinner tonight!

We left the deli and headed towards Sutter Creek. It is a beautiful day, I can tell you that! Even with just the little bit of rain we have had, the foothills are turning green. 

Isn't it a lovely town? 
We love coming up here. The people are wonderful; fabulous little restaurants, delis, and cafes; bed & breakfasts; and wine tasting!  The above picture is going south out of town. It's taken right outside the tasting room.  

Scott Harvey Tasting Room

This is one of our hangouts,  To the left is part of the front yard at The Foxes Inn, a bed and breakfast in the heart of Sutter Creek.  To the right is another tasting room, Sera Fina Sellers. We like them, too!

On the way back we stopped to see my grandson, Jalen. 

Isn't he a cheeser?
Of course Mommy Megan and Daddy Ryan were there, too. It was a nice visit, but a bit too short for my liking. 

So thank you for humoring me and letting me share a bit of my day. And now the question remains...How did I do?

I think I did just fine. Only 1/2 piece of rye bread with the sandwich makings; 1 glass of wine; and then when I got home I made myself a salad with lettuce, radishes, pea pods, carrots, broccoli, Italian salami, and topped off with ranch dressing. As that piece of rye bread only had 3.4 grams of carbs, all in all I did pretty good! Everything else I ate today is on my list. :)

Tomorrow I go to the doctor (I'm sure I've mentioned that about a bazillon times already) and I will let you know how I did. 

I am expecting nothing but good news. 

Now this day has come to an end. I bid you good night and sweet dreams. 


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