Friday, February 28, 2014

Week Five - Day Five: Time to restock the pantry!

And now for the rest of my day...

I did go grocery shopping.  Armed with my list for New Earth, I was disappointed that the only thing I could find was the almond flour. No Carbquik, no shirataki noodles. Bummer... I then went to the meat market. I bought some homemade chili verde and a pound of bacon. I was going to get some burger but he had just run out and I didn't want to wait around while he made more. At least you know it's fresh! 

Their chili verde is so good! Chunks of tender pork, sliced jalapenos, large chunks of onion, and a very tasty tomatillo sauce. As soon as I got home I cooked it. My portion was about 3 ounces and that was perfect. Just so very good and filling. I have leftovers for the next few days!

The only other thing I did tonight was make my peanut butter cookies.  How can I resist them? I can't... True fact...

The recipe I want to share tonight is One Minute Cheddar Bread and Buns. I'm so excited because this recipe makes 4 rolls (approximately the size of hamburger buns), and each roll only has 1.88 grams of carbs. Yes, that is one-point-eight-eight grams.  How awesome is that? They use the golden flaxseed meal as the flour; and although 1/4 cup has 8 grams of carbs, it also has 8 grams of fiber, which your body does not absorb, so they cancel each other out That adds up to zero net carbs. :D  Happy girl!

Do these not look like the yummiest rolls ever???
I won't get to make these until Sunday because I have plans tomorrow. Well, we have plans tomorrow. The Firefighters Burn Institute is having their annual crab feed!!! If I avoid the bread and butter I will be fine. It's going to be all about the crab and salad. We are meeting friends Greta and Kalle there. Kalle (pronounced "collie" like the dog) is a fellow retired fire captain as well. I'm telling you, those firefighters know how to party! Good heavens... 

My day has now come to an end. All in all, it's been a good day. It's been a satisfying day. It's been a successful day. I'm not craving anything or wanting to eat everything in sight. And those Triscuits, which are still hanging around, have not been calling my name. 

I hope you had a beautiful night. 


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