Sunday, March 9, 2014

Week Six - Day Seven: Just Another Beautiful Day!

Today was just a beautiful day! In spite of the fact that it's now daylight savings time (Why Ben Franklin thought it was a good idea is beyond me!), I got up at 8:00 this morning and out the door at 8:45. I had a date with my grandson! His mommy, too... No time for breakfast before I left, but I did eat a couple of my cookies so I could take meds. Yes, you know the drill! 

A day with Megan and Jalen is never complete without Starbucks, so without further adieu we drove thru! She laughed at me when I placed my order. I will have a grande, breve, sugar-free vanilla latte, please. Very low carb and so satisfying.

First stop of the day was Kohl's. I had to buy a few things, one of which was that non-stick skillet I mentioned previously. I also got another pillow cover and Spring/Easter hand towels to decorate my bathroom. How cute is this?

While I was shopping in the kitchen department, Jalen was shopping in the toy department. Actually he wasn't shopping, but he sure was looking at all the trucks and planes, and especially the Planes! planes. Oh, he loves that movie! As one can never have too many planes, Nanny got him Rachelle, which he did not have. That is one happy boy, let me tell you!

Then it was across the street to the mall. She had to return a shirt for him at the Disney Store. Now it was time to ride the carousel. Not me, silly... Jalen! 

One of his favorite things to do!
Bath & Body Works was our next stop. I needed a few things. They almost always have their "buy 3, get 3 free" deal, but today they also had an extra 25% off! Lucky me. I spent $54, got 6 items and 2 3-wick candles. I saved $75. Score!

And now... {{drum roll please}}

Lunch time! Woohoo! Captain and I wanted to go to Giant Orange a couple of weeks ago with my groupon, but they were closed that Monday. I mean, really? Who closes on Monday? Sheesh! Then it expired, which meant it was only worth the $10 I spent for it, but not the $20 that I could have had available to me. Oh, well... And that is where we went. It was just around the corner from the mall.

I was thinking that I would order a chef's salad, but then I saw on their menu they had hot dogs! You know how I love hot dogs. We were both excited! Mine was the Bronx Dog which had grilled onions, sauerkraut, and spicy brown mustard. Megan had the Good Dog with relish, diced onions, and mustard. She had fries with hers; I was good and had salad with mine. 

Doesn't it look yummy?
My son-in-law Ryan was teasing me about my lunch. "No bun?" he asked. "Nope, no bun!"

I ate most of the hot dog and picked out all the fillings, taking the rest home with me. I am really trying to watch those carb. Best of all, the bill was $14.02, which means we paid $4.02. Well, Megan did since I had paid for the groupon originally. Thank you for lunch, Megan! <3

Time to head back so Jalen can take a nap. He went right to bed, watching Airplanes! as he fell asleep. We sat downstairs and visited, then we watched Frozen. What a cute movie! SPOILER ALERT! Who would have thought the prince would be the bad guy?

Megan was tired so I decided to head home. As I'm getting on the freeway Captain calls and asks me to stop by Cabana Wines. He is there with Greta and Kalle, listening to the band, Home By Five. I stopped for a glass of wine, which I shared with Captain, then when we left we went down the street to Tupelo Coffee House for an Aztec Mocha. It's a mocha with cayenne and 2 shots of espresso. I had mine half-decaf so I can fall asleep tonight. 

Time for me to head home for real. It's now dinnertime and I had the leftover meatballs and cucumber slices with ranch dressing. I am very happy to say that I don't have much appetite, which I love. So those 6 little meatballs (probably 3 ounces in total) filled me up.

Last night was a different story. I so wanted to eat some of those Ghirardelli Squares that are sitting in my dresser drawer. MMMmmm... Dark & Sea Salt Caramel!

Yes, this is exactly what my bag of candy looks like. 

I resisted.
It wasn't easy, I assure you!
So that is my day, and I'm glad I could share it with you. Thank you for hanging with me. I hope I bring a little bit of sunshine and smiles into your life.
Thank you for helping me get thru another successful day!


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