Friday, March 14, 2014

Week Seven - Day Five: A Different Kind of Day!

Today was a different kind of day. I was not sure what to expect, but I decided to go with the flow and see where it took me.

The morning was my usual routine, but I left about 10 am and headed for Captain's house.

I had a Groupon for beer tasting at Mraz Brewing in El Dorado Hills. Captain was wanting to go to the St. Paddy's Day event at 36 Handles, also in El Dorado Hills. So we decided to kill two birds with one stone. We would do both!

Plan A: We left his house about 11:15 and headed east. First stop was going to be Mraz Brewing, because all we were going to do was sample the beer. We got there about 30 minutes later. Hum... The lights were off and the stools were still on top of the tables. WTH? We discovered that they didn't even open until 3 pm during the week! Really? It was Friday! Really?? It was the start of the St. Patty's Day weekend! Really???

Plan B: Annoyed, we turned around and went back to 36 Handles. We knew they were already open for lunch; the Brew Fest was scheduled to start at 1 pm, and they were going to have a pig roast on the patio!

Just look at their activities! Woohoo!
When we got there we settled on lunch at the Relish Burger Bar, the sister restaurant. He was in hog heaven because they had a bison burger! I didn't want a big burger; too many carbs. The salads were huge too, and I really wasn't in the mood for a salad. :( I settled on the sliders. They were small, not a lot of bread, and lots of low carb goodies piled on each one of them. I ate one and brought the other two home so Captain would have a snack later in the evening.

It was 1:30 by the time we got done with lunch so we headed down the parking lot to the brew fest. As luck would have it, Brew Fest was not even set up yet! AAARRRGGGHHH!!! Where was the luck of the Irish today?

Obviously it wasn't with us!
What now? 

Plan C: Captain decided we would go to The Firehouse and try their new drink created just for this holiday. It is called "A Wee Bit Irish," and it has Bailey's Irish Cream, Jameson's Whiskey, Butterscotch Schnapps, a bit of simple syrup, and on top they float a bit of dark beer, like Guinness. It was so good! We also had a beef carpaccio appetizer. 

They served it with crostini and goat cheese. Amazing!

At this point I have obviously had a few too many carbs, but not an outrageous amount. Unfortunately the day was not over...

Captain and I each went out respective ways and I decided to drop in on Cheryl and see if she had cut into that cake I made yesterday.

Cake and prezzies!

When I got there she was on her second piece of cake! I am so pleased, and she said it was the best carrot cake she ever had! Yes, I broke my resolve and had a piece of cake, too. I remember that it smelled so good when I took it out of the oven yesterday. It tasted just as good! Oh, she loved the prezzies, too. 

We all spent a few hours visiting, I kissed my grandbabies good-bye, and headed home. No, I didn't even eat anything else. I was done. In spite of the carbs I ate today I am not feeling too bad. But I really do need to stick to low carb as much as possible. 

My next hurdle? A baby shower tomorrow. Fortunately I know they will be serving lots of low carb food and I will discretely pass on the cake and ice cream. 

And that ends my day. Obviously the struggle never ends. But on the bright side my clothes are fitting better! Yeah! Clapping hands!

Bidding you all a very good night! 


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