Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Week Eight - Day Two: The day before...

It is the day before I leave for the Inland Empire... Indio... Palm Desert... LaQuinta... Also known as Mom & Dad's house. My house is almost ready, finishing up laundry, packing, and then just load the dishwasher after I'm done doing whatever it is I have to do in the kitchen.

Today has actually been a good day for me. I'm much more relaxed than I have been. Dad will come home from the hospital tomorrow; I think I've found a place for them; I got my nails done; all the important things in life.

I could not give up my sparklie,
but I did have them shortened a bit!
Food-wise I have done quite fine. I thought I was done with the quiche yesterday but I found one more piece, so that's what I had for breakfast. Then it was off to get my nails done, checked out two properties for the parents, got home, and had lunch. Hot dogs. MMMmmm... I'm trying to clean out my fridge before I leave, but I don't think that will happen. When I return it will get a thorough cleaning.

Tonight's beer at The Happy Viking is Dogfish Head's namaste. I really dislike beer. I have yet to try one that was amazing. I can tolerate it in small doses. Captain, on the other hand, loves his beer. Why, I don't know. But that's OK because it's almost a guarantee that I will see him every Tuesday night! Hahaha!

Yes, that is selfish of me, I know.

Meeting our friends Tom and Susan, we had a great time at Happy Viking. Captain and Tom had their beer; I had my Bloody Mary; Susan had her diet Pepsi. Dinner for me was chicken strips and a salad. Captain has the Big Tony, a 1/2 lb burger with marinara, mozzarella and pesto aioli. He brought half of it home. :)

Our usual routine after HV is to buy our lotto tickets, which we did. Come on, Mega Millions Lotto! I have plans... I will share...

After that we went home, packed up Maddie and took her to Jon & Cheryl's. She loves playing with Lucy and Sophia. Imagine... a pack of Chihuahuas! Oh, how lucky they are!

As my day comes to a close I can tell you I am checked in on Southwest Airlines, packed, and ready to go. Dad is getting out of the hospital tomorrow; then we will finish packing things in the house, load up the truck on Sunday, and return home on Monday. No, Dad will not be helping. He can sit in his chair and observe, maybe give a few hints on how to pack.

Thanks for hanging with me another day. I will try to blog while I'm gone, but I don't guarantee it will be everyday.

I bid you a fond adieu.


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