Friday, March 7, 2014

Week Six - Day Five: The weekend is upon us!

Last night I got busy cleaning up the kitchen and I just couldn't help but make those peanut butter cookies. In fact, I made a double batch and used all of my peanut butter. But I am the happy recipient of 46 low carb cookies. :) I am going to have to try making them with cashew or almond butter next.

Captain and I were making plans last night on what to do this weekend. Today I want to go winetasting at The Underground Tasting Room in Old Sacramento. We may be going to the Highland Games in Sonora on Saturday. Plans for Sunday are still up in the air, but I think I will be visiting my daughter and grandson.

So what did we settle on?

We started the day at The Underground Tasting Room in Old Sacramento. It is located on the "original level," which means it's below street level. The original level used to be street level in the 1800s, then the floods came. There are lots of areas in Sacramento that have what you would think is a basement but is really the original first floor of the home or business. They had to raise the street levels to make them levees. Just a bit of history.

One of the three wines they serve is Twisted Twig. We had never tried it before, and we were very pleased! Yvette, our sommelier, was just wonderful. We found out later she and her husband own Twisted Twig.

May I introduce you to Yvette? She was our sommelier.
They have a beautiful hammered copper espresso machine on display.
Too bad they don't use it.

Captain had called Bogle Vineyards that morning to see if he had a shipment to pick up; and yes, he did. So we left Twisted Twig and headed down the river.

What a beautiful day! It was 72 degrees and just perfect weather. Trees have been trimmed back, vines have not yet budded out, and it looks very much like winter at Bogle's vineyards. 

We had some wine, he picked up his shipment, and we headed for the Old Sugar Mill

First stop is almost always Merlo Vineyards. Djimi is our sommelier and one of the nicest guys you could ever want to meet. He always greets us with a hug and definitely takes care of us on the wine pours.

Their wines are not very filtered, so sometimes you get the sugar crystals that form in it. Nothing wrong with the wine. He calls them "flavor crystals." We call them "schmootz."

We had to call it quits. Hugs all around ensued. We were both hungry and really needed to get something to eat. Back on the levee road, we could enjoy the river, the trees, and then head over the bridge to the little town of Freeport.

Starving and not wanting to drive across town, we decided to eat at the Freeport Inn.  It's been here at least 50 years. 

Great food! We have never had anything bad, I can tell you that!

We decided since it was such a beautiful day, why not sit on the patio? What a great idea! They have this huge grapefruit tree that we sat under. A perfect, sun dappled day.

I had fish and chips; easy on the chips. The fish (cod) was moist and oh so good! Hot and crispy, as were the chips!

Captain was in a seafood mood, so he started off with a bowl of clam chowder...

He says this is his smiling face, but I don't believe him. ;)
...and then started in on the linguine and clams. Yes, then he was smiling!

We finished eating and decided to call it a day. He took home 2 of my pieces of fish and all the french fries. He has dinner tonight!

Looking back at the day I can say that I did have a successful day. A bit more wine than I usually have, a few french fries that are not really on my plan, great fish for an early dinner, quiche for breakfast, and a few peanut butter cookies in between.

And now Captain and I bid you good night. Thanks for joining us on our adventure today!

Lin n Captain

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