Thursday, March 6, 2014

Week Six - Day Four: Calendars & Alarm Clocks

Are you one of those people who need to keep everything on their calendar and set your alarm clock to remind you?

That is me! I even did a little spreadsheet to keep track of my Groupons because I don't want them to expire before I use them. And I have done that four times! (Yes, that is 4... f-o-u-r... four times!!!)

I'm such a dork...

I even did it with our list of wineries we need to visit this year on our Sip California card!

So many wineries, so little time! :D
Who wants to join us?

I'm just sharing the calendars and spreadsheets because now I've had to add alarm clocks for my meds. Why? Because if I don't I forget to take them, and then I am off cycle. Besides, your system likes it when you take them on time. :) I have it set at 9:00a, 3:00p and 9:00p for my pain meds, and at 9:50a, 3:50p and 9:50p for my antibiotics.  I have to do this because I can't take the antibiotics with ANYTHING ELSE, otherwise it cancels the effectiveness of the medication. And I must say, after a day and a half I am feeling better.

I wish I was as organized in the rest of my life!

And now, back to a day in the life of Lin...

Yesterday I told you I found a recipe for Chicken Fried Cauliflower Rice. I had to reread the recipe about 3 times before I found in the ingredient list what you do with the cauliflower. You shred it, or you can chop it in the food processor. I only have a little food processor so it took me a while to get thru a ginornmous head. I wasn't sure what it would look like, but this is it!

(That little cutie in the picture is my youngest grandson Jalen. I just had to include him. Nanny loves to brag about her grandbabies. Sorry...)

I can't wait to transform it! The cauliflower, not Jalen.

Just sayin'...

Today's food adventures included quiche for breakfast (I still have one more piece, and then I will make a new variety), chili verde for lunch, and dinner will be that chicken fried rice. Coffee is always in the equation, and I did have a glass of OJ first thing this morning.

Remember that awesome peach Propel Water I talked about?

Well, I was going through my cupboards and I found this Tupperware canister pushed towards the back, out of sight. Hum... What is this? It was peach flavored herb tea! Score!!

OMG I love this stuff!
I had saved a couple of my Propel bottles because they are 24 oz.  What I decided to do, in order to get more water in my system, is brew 24 oz. of peach tea and chill it in the refrigerator. Awesome sauce... I bring 3 1/4 cups of water to a boil, add two of the teabags, steep for 20 minutes, add 2 tsp (or one packet) of Splenda, pour into my bottle, and refrigerate until chilled. I've done that 3 days in a row.

I also came across a canister of Sleepytime Tea.

I think I will have to do the same thing with this so I can drink it at night. :)

After running errands this afternoon I came home, sorted mail, put away groceries, and set about making the chicken fried cauliflower rice

Talk about a lot of steps! I mean, it was a lot of work chopping that big ol' head of cauliflower, but then it was bacon, chicken, onions, garlic, scrambling the egg separately, etc... etc... And everything gets cooked one item at a time. Cook this for 3 minutes; then add that and cook for 3 minutes; then add this, let it sit for a moment... blah... blah-blah... blah... blah... blah...

I'm exhausted!
I am so happy I had that huge Paula Deen 12-inch chicken fryer to cook it all in. It is just a HUGE amount! I mean, just look at this!

I know, you are saying, "Stop whining, Lin, and tell us how it is!"
OK, I will tell you. It was good. Not amazing, but good. Very filling, and lots of good stuff in it, I might add. I ate a big plate of it. 

The only thing I didn't like about it is that it wasn't seasoned enough. I had to add more soy sauce and sesame oil. Not sure that I will make it again, but I will definitely finish eating this. It was worth trying!

So, that is how my day has gone. I will have to finish eating the food I've made the last two days before venturing on to another recipe.

Did I stay on my plan today? Well...
I started with a glass of OJ this morning (we talked about this yesterday); breakfast was my quiche; lunch was my chili verde; dinner was about a half ton of chicken fried cauliflower rice; and I have been drinking water and tea all day. All said, it's been a great day!

I have to say that as the sun was setting the frogs started croaking and it hasn't stopped! When we have wet weather they come out in force.

For something whose body size is less than 2 inches in length, they are incredibly noisy. But I just love them and love hearing them. In fact, I fell asleep with them serenading me last night!

Day's end is here. If I snack at all tonight it will just be with a few peanuts. I might even get ambitious and make my peanut butter cookies. But in the meantime, I am wishing you beautiful evening. Night, all!


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