Thursday, March 13, 2014

Week Seven - Day Four: Having a much better day!

Yesterday felt like a very disjointed day. Perhaps the carbs I ate the day before threw me off. Or maybe it was just one of those days. I just don't know. But today I'm feeling back to my ol' self!

Breakfast this morning was my quiche, along with the proverbial cup of coffee. It's going to be a standby in my kitchen as it's so versatile. The quiche... Not the coffee... It can be eaten hot, cold, or room temperature. You can add whatever cheeses you want, along with any other ingredients. Next time I will follow the recipe as written, using pepper jack cheese. That ought to spice it up!

Doesn't this pepper jack cheese look yummy?
Speaking of spicy cheese... A few months ago Captain and I went to Dos Coyotes for an early dinner. They have a quesadilla there that has habanero pepper jack cheese. Those little tiny orange specks of pepper are incredibly hot! I remember picking out one of them and I could taste it and feel it on my fingers for hours afterward. It's great! But I'm glad that regular pepper jack isn't that hot!

I had to go to the grocery store for a few things today, and while I was there I noticed they had Nathan's hot dogs on sale. Yes, I broke down and bought a package of them. I even had one for lunch, along with olives and a pickle. I'm not as hung up on hot dogs as I was at first. Does this mean I'm growing up?

Gosh, I hope not!

I have baking to do today. I still owe my daughter-in-law Cheryl a birthday cake and need to take her presents to her. I've been trying to for two weeks, but between being sick and other things on both our parts, we have not been able to get together.

What am I making, you ask? It's called My Mom's Carrot Cake. The recipe calls for a 9x13, but I'm going to make mine a bundt. I think they are so much prettier! Carrots, pineapple, coconut, walnuts, and then you drench it in cream cheese frosting. MMMmmm... I am drooling... Sorry...

I hope mine looks this good when served.

(I think it will look better, actually!)

Once the cake came out of the oven I set it on the cooling rack and then took off for Bistro 885. Most of my girlfriends were there, and I made two new friend - Janelle and Lisa. This is a monthly fundraiser for Off the Leash Dog Park. It's $5 for 6 wine tastings. The restaurant also offers a small array of appetizers at a reduced price. I had their olive and blue cheese appetizer tonight. Their wine was... um... well... Let's just say that I gave up half way thru my 4th glass. Yeah, not really my favorites. But I don't go for the wine, I really go for the fun. I'm like that. Social Butterfly!

I left about 7 o'clock and stopped at Popeye's Chicken on the way home. Got 3 chicken tenders and the coleslaw. I had 1 ½, Maddie got the rest. I only ate a couple bites of coleslaw, too. Not much of an appetite. Why I got it in the first place is beyond me. I'm such a dork at times...

Time to frost that carrot cake. The frosting is cream cheese, butter, vanilla and powdered sugar. Got it all whipped up and schmeered it all over the cake. There was extra so I filled the hole in the middle. MMMmmm... I packed it up in the car, grabbed the prezzies, grabbed Maddie, and headed over to their house. No one was home so I left it on their kitchen counter. I hope Cheryl likes it!

Now my day has come to an end. My kitchen is a disaster but it will have to wait until tomorrow because I'm tired. Daylight Savings Time just kills me!

Good night, and sleep tight!


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