Sunday, March 16, 2014

Week Seven - Day Seven: It's Two for One!

Today you get two days in one post. :)

Let's go back to Saturday, shall we? It was a completely... well... what word shall I use... "I tried not to blow it but I did" day. Those days are so frustrating.

Breakfast was not an issue as I had sausage and cheese on my low carb muffin. Very satisfying! :)

I had errands to run and a babyshower to attend, and I knew I could pass on the cake and ice cream as there would be plenty of other yummy things to eat there. Feeling sure I would keep on track, I went about my day.

In the meantime my son-in-law Ryan asked Captain and I to surprise Megan Sunday morning and join them for her birthday breakfast at Sutter Street Grill in Folsom, so of course we agreed!

In an effort to keep her in the dark I told a few little white lies.

Little White Lie #1: I told Megan that I knew she would be tired Sunday after their little Disneyland adventure and that Captain had made other plans for us on Sunday so we would get together after I came back from Palm Springs at the end of the month.

Little White Lie #2: To continue the ruse I made brownie cupcakes Friday night, frosted them Saturday morning, and, while running errands, took them to their house, leaving them on the counter for her to find.

Little White Lie #3: I emailed her a Starbucks gift card to be delivered Sunday morning for her birthday present.

How did that work out? I will tell you in a minute.

Now on to the rest of my Saturday...

Like I said, breakfast was just fine. I finished frosting the brownies, delivered them, went shopping for the babyshower, and arrived at the party place at 1:30, right on time. I had nuts, cold cuts, cheeses, deviled eggs, and water. All very filling. It was good!

Afterwards I picked up Captain and we headed back to my house, but with a detour. We were meeting Jon & Cheryl at Rico's Pizza for dinner. Four grandkids, four adults, and three pizzas. What a get-together it was. Yes, I had 2 pieces of pizza. One all meat and one pepperoni w/extra cheese. A little bit of carbs, but not as much as I could have.

Rico's - Home of the 26" Party Pizza!
Yes, it really is 26 inches!

Cheryl says, "We're going to see Mr. Peabody & Sherman. Want to come along?" Ok, that sounded good, since it was on the way home.

She informed the kids to fill up their drink glasses because she wasn't getting any goodies at the movies. Yeah... Right... We got in the theatre, found our seats, and settled in. But where was Cheryl? At the snack bar getting popcorn.

She also grabbed 7 containers to divide it in. After portioning it all out she went back and got a refill. Needless to say, we ate popcorn thru the movie. (That was not my intent, but it happened. Oh, well...)

My day of good intentions ended up being a bit skewed. :(

It was late when we got home so we went right to bed. No more diversions for Saturday!

Now on to Sunday...

Up and out the door at 7:30, we had to be in Folsom by 8:30 and it's 57 miles. We got there at 8:27 and actually beat them!

Megan and I had been texting that morning about what she was going to do for her birthday and she thanked me for the cupcakes and Starbucks gift card.

Her: Thank u for my yummy cupcakes. Jalen is already asking for a green cupcake. LOL. And for the Starbucks gift card. Perfect!!!

Me: You are most welcome... Hope you were surprised. What you doing this morning?

Her: We r heading to breakfast now.

Me: Where is breakfast?

Her:  Sutter St. Grill.

Well, they walked in the door and it took Megan a moment to realize Mommy & Captain were there to surprise her!

Ryan and I did the high-five! We pulled off the surprise!

Now, what did I order, you ask? Corned Beef Hash and eggs over medium. The hash had a lot of bell pepper and potato chunks. I tried to avoid eating the potatoes, but I did have 1/4 piece of rye toast along with the eggs and corned beef. And coffee! Everything was really, really good, and I brought home about 2/3 of it.

The rest of my day was spent cleaning house, in anticipation of the parents' arrival mid-week. It is also part of my 40 bags in 40 days goal.

As to sticking to my plan the rest of the day, I did that, as well.  Lunch was the rest of my eggs and corned beef hash (minus as many potatoes as possible)...

...and for dinner I just had a couple slices of bacon.

Not very hungry tonight.

Now as soon as the laundry is done I am going to bed. It's been a whirlwind 2 days. I'm glad I can finally rest and relax. Tomorrow will be a better day!

Wishing you a lovely night.


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