Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Week Nineteen - Day Two: Tuesday is here!

Yes, Tuesday is here and that means it's Happy Viking Pint Night! Captain is, as always, a happy guy when he gets his weekly pint! Tonight its Sierra Nevada Summerfest. And as you know, I like my Bloody Mary. Why? Because a shot of vodka is allowed on my no carb diet!

Yes, I love my drink with 2 olives! 
When I woke up this morning I was actually feeling lighter, my stomach a bit more concave. Well, it will NEVER be concave, but not nearly as "puffy" as it has felt. Don't you love that feeling? I've feeling very positive about Thursday's doctor's visit.

My son has decided to try the paleo and low carb form of eating. Last night we talked and he was trying to figure out why, if he had eaten a good, healthy dinner, he was hungry. There are two reasons for this. First, you may just be thirsty and not realize it. Nope, that wasn't it because he guzzles water all day long. He said he had a big, lean pork chop and a good sized salad with lots or "stuff" on it. The operative word here is "lean."

Not his actual dinner, but a good representation!

There you have it! Not enough fat. Fat is what helps keep you satisfied and keep the cravings and hunger pangs at bay. The solution was, go eat a big ole spoon of peanut butter. The protein and fats will help. It worked! He was no longer hungry. That is why I try to keep my magic peanut butter cookies on hand.

Now, how is my day going? Quite well, thank you for asking. Breakfast was... you know, my fav!

What is it about those stupid things that is so satisfying? It must be the salty, fatty, crunchy thing. I love mine well crisped on the outside! Yumminess!

Lunch was a bacon sandwich. I used my #recipe for grain free sandwich bread with garlic.

It's very thin but filling. I slathered mayonnaise on, stacked the bacon, and it was awesome! Did I mention the bread only has one (yes, 1) net carb? That's practically a free food. Bacon has 1.4 net carbs per slice; I had 3 slices. Mayonnaise has zero carbs. So my lunch only had 5.4 net carbs. I'm trying to keep it under 30 net carbs a day, so that is only 1/6 of my daily allowance.

Tasty, indeed! 
Next time I make my bread I will make it plain so it can be a bit more versatile.

Dinner time was slowly approaching and Captain called to say he was running late. Not a problem, I will meet you at The Happy Viking!

I got there, ordered my Bloody Mary and about 5 minutes later he arrived. We ordered calamari appetizer...

...he ordered seafood pasta...

...and I ordered BBQ chicken salad.

My chicken had a dry rub on it and I got the ranch dressing on the side! :) 
Tasty? Yes! Gourmet? No, not so much! But it's always fun. And it's our standing date night.
The rest of the evening was very uneventful. A little coffee, a little TV, and we called it a night. No waiving for me, I am happy to report. Now all I have to do is get thru tomorrow and then I will have the reveal on Thursday.

Hoping you all had a great day as well.  Until Wednesday, then!


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