Sunday, May 4, 2014

Week Fifteen - Day Six: Fat Fast, Day Three!

Just had to say that! How is your weekend starting out? I think mine is starting out awesome!

The morning has been good. No cravings! And although I was still feeling kind of full from last night (was I really full or just not hungry?) I had to eat something. So I scrambled myself some eggs and had ham to go along with it. I ate less than half of it and was done. Maddie has snacks waiting for her later on!


I got ambitious this morning and after picking up the clutter and sorting recycling, I paid my bills for the rest of the month.

As you know, I put myself on a budget this year, so I get all my bills paid by the first of the month, and then I know exactly what I have left to spend. February and March were tough because I have 9 (yes, NINE!) family and friends that have birthdays in a span of 27 days. I survived, but it wasn't easy - especially with everything else that was on my plate at that time.

This morning I found a #recipe for Coconut Flour Pancakes! This was my lunch. I was so excited because in 4 small pancakes there is only 12 net carbs! I don't use syrup, only butter on them. My preference is really an over medium egg so I can dip the pancake in the yolk. But this time I just ate them plain.

They were just as tasty! I thought I could eat all four, but I ate less than two. They are very filling. Best of all, they are sweet enough without syrup. Of course, anything that is cake-like always tastes better with vanilla, and this #recipe has that, too!

And now I can tell you about the rest of my day, since I didn't have a chance to finish it last night!

We went with our friends, Tom and Susan, to the Yuba-Sutter Veterans Stand Down fundraiser and dinner last night at the Moose Lodge. The choices were prime rib, chicken or lasagna. We were guests of Tom and Susan and they got two prime rib and two chicken. Us gals thought the guys would much prefer the prime rib, so we chose the chicken.

Add a baked potato to this plate and it's pretty much what their dinner looked like. And the prime rib tasted just as good!

Take this chicken breast, cut it in half, cover it with gloppy gravy and add a pile of chicken rice-a-roni, and that was our dinner.

It was bad. No, it was beyond bad. It was awful! We so appreciate the efforts of the organization, but the whole evening was very poorly planned. I felt bad for Tom. He was mortified at how disorganized it was, because he is a member of this organization.

Now I bet you asking how I did sticking to my plan. I can tell you I did just fine. I did get a margarita but didn't drink it. I had iced tea instead. And for my dinner I scraped off the "gravy," ate half of the half chicken breast and my green beans. They had a very nice, crisp garden salad also.

At 9 o'clock we all decided to call it a night. They were still auctioning off items and drawing raffle tickets, and at the rate they were going they wouldn't be done before the crack of dawn.

But all in all, we always have a good time when hanging with friends.

Now that we were home it was time for dessert!

Yep, wine, cheese and crackers! He had cheese, crackers and most of the wine. I stuck to my water but did indulge in the cheeses. We had Kerry Gold Dubliner, which is a sharp white cheddar, and Sonoma Garlic Jack. Of course the wine was red from Cordi Vineyards, a local family run business right here in the Yuba-Sutter area. We enjoyed it while watching Chicago Fire.

Seriously, how can you not love hunky firefighters? Of course I may be a wee bit on the prejudiced side.

So that was my day. Feeling good, feeling successful, but definitely NOT feeling the need to snack. It's an awesome feeling.

I bid you fond adieu until Sunday!


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