Monday, May 5, 2014

Week Sixteen - Day One: Fat Fast, Day Cinco de Mayo!

Happy Cinco de Mayo!
What are your plans for the day? My plans include copious amounts of margaritas and lots of Mexican food. Have I mentioned Mexican if my favorite food? Yes, it is! (I must have been Latina in a former lifetime!)

Yeah, right.
In my dreams.
In reality I'm sticking with low carb. 

My morning started with 1 egg and 1 1/2 sausage patties. I shared the last half with Maddie. She is a lucky puppy to be the recipient of my largess! LOL!

You remember that "40 Days in 40 Bags" I wrote about earlier? Well, today I decided to start on my refrigerator.

I will post pictures when I post the whole 40/40 blog. Suffice it to say, I had a LOT of stuff to clean out of my fridge. I even used Odo-Ban to sanitize and deodorize it just to make sure it was TOTALLY clean.

Lunchtime finally happened around 3 o'clock, just in time to take my meds. I had a can of tuna with 3 tbsp of mayonnaise. There is nothing I hate more than dry tuna. I don't add anything else to my tuna usually, and this time is no different.

I use this brand because it is SOLID light tuna and it's also packed in olive oil. It's a little more pricey but I really don't care! It reminds me of the tuna we used to have when I was a kid. (Aging myself here! That would be back in the '50s and '60s.) Now it seems it's just bits and pieces when you get the "chunk light." There is nothing chunky about it. It almost reminds me of cat food! But this has the yummy tuna flavor I love. No, I don't like the solid white albacore packed in water. It's about as flavorful as... as... as rice without salt. It has no flavor other than what you mix into it. So it ends up tasting like pickles, onions, eggs, anything but tuna.

OK, rant over! 

We had a beautiful thunderstorm roll thru and it cleared the air. It left us with a rainbow, too! It all ended with a beautiful red sunset in the west and  mammatus clouds and a very black sky in the east, foreshadowing thunder storms in the Sierras.

Mammatus clouds fascinate me! 

So do Sierra thunderstorms! 
I wasn't really feeling like eating dinner tonight, but my daughter-in-law thought I was starving, so she stopped by and brought me some spaghetti. She said, "I know you always use angel hair pasta, and I also know you are trying to keep low/no carb, but I thought you might be hungry, and it's less than a cup of pasta!"

I could not say no and I greatly appreciated her concern. So I ate two bites of the pasta and all the meat, which was a lot. It was only about 9 carbs in the pasta, so that is not too bad, but it was more than I anticipated.

And now it is sitting in my stomach like a rock. That is not good...

So that is where I will leave my night. Looking forward to an awesome day tomorrow! Until then!


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