Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Week Seventeen - Day Two: Yep, it's THAT Tuesday!

Yes, it is Tuesday, and for the first time in three weeks it means an evening at Happy Viking! Captain has not been able to go the past to weeks, so he is really chomping at the bit. Tonight's beer is Anchor Brewing's Anchor IPA.

I can assure you, he is one happy boy!

Tuesday has been a good day for me. I have resigned myself to the fact that my parents will want to drag me off to Jimboy's Tacos for Taco Tuesday. Note: I am freaked out about the corn tortillas but there is apparently only 9 net carbs per tortilla, so I am not too far off the mark when I indulge. Well, after mom's pedicure, that's where we went because, truth be told, I was starving as I hadn't eaten any breakfast.

Sadly I appear to be having a bad food day. It did not sit well in my stomach. At all. Yep, I was sick. :(

After we got done and I took the parents back home, I got into my happy little kitchen and made some almond cookies following my Magic Peanut Butter #recipe. They are not as good as the peanut butter. I think because there is not as much oil in the almond butter as there is in the peanut butter they are drier. Maybe next time I will add a tablespoon of butter and a bit of almond extract to enhance the flavor. But I'm still going to eat them. They are lifesavers!

I also had some of my veggies and artichoke jalapeno dip for my lunch. It's really filling. And it settled in my stomach!

Lin & Peggy give each other high fives!
Dinner? Captain arrived and we took off for Happy Viking. He loves his burgers with his beer, and tonight he ordered the 'Strami, which is a 1/2 lb burger with pastrami. He also added bacon to it. I must say, their pastrami is really good there.

What did I have? Calamari, 2 chicken wings with dry rub, and half of a Bloody Mary (2 olives, please!). Dessert was my almond cookies after we got home.

And that was my amazing, successful day. I have a doctor's appointment on Thursday so I will see if I lost any more weight since last week. A pound or two would be awesome and I will take it where I can get it! :)

Hoping your day was just as amazing!


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