Thursday, May 1, 2014

Week Fifteen - Day Four: Fat Fast, Day One

Well, day one of the fat fast is here, and it started off very well. Breakfast was 1 1/2 oz ham, 1 egg, 1 tbsp cheese, all fried together in 1 tsp of butter. I also had coffee with half and half. They say to use whipping or heavy cream, but I have just a bit of half and half to use up, so that is what I'm using for now.

The challenge today was running errands with my parents. As previously stated, they love to eat out! Two days in a row we ate out - Long John Silver's on Monday and Jimboy's Tacos on Tuesday. I was OK with LJS, but I ate tacos at Jimboy's. Two of them! ~sigh~ Did I mention how amazing they are?

The thing that makes their tacos so amazing is, the tortillas are grilled on the flat-top with the meat and cheese in them, so the cheese gets all melty inside. They are then topped with crisp, cold lettuce and sprinkled with parmesan cheese on the outside. Heaven on earth, I'm telling you!


Well, we made it to the rental office, signed papers for the dog, got the pet deposit paid, and then Mom says, "I'm hungry!" Dad says, "Me, too! Let's go eat Chinese food!" Um... wait a minute... Chinese food hates me, remember? (Besides, there is absolutely nothing on their menu that is low carb!) Dad says, "I'd sure like a good pastrami sandwich!" I'm trying to think of where one might get one, and for the life of me I had no idea. So Mom reminded him there was an Italian restaurant at the mall, which is were Mom and I were heading, anyway. Yeah! We get to go to Strings!

Just between you and me, it's an okay place to eat, but definitely not my favorite. At least they have options for me! I had their salad, and their dressing is a creamy Italian. Really tasty! And they also bring a big ole bowl for sharing. Did I mention the big ole basket of fresh baked foccacia they bring to eat long with it?


Dad loves eggplant parmesan, so that's what he ordered. Mom ordered a salad.  A salad? Really? This from the woman who was starving a few minutes ago? Sheesh... I ordered a salad, too. I did avoid the raisins, but everything else in it I ate. Two helpings worth! Doesn't it look yummy?

I have to share that I found an online carb counter. Very simple and easy to use. I was curious because I found a #recipe for Zuppa Toscana that is very low carb. Only thing is, it calls for turnips. And when I checked my keto shopping list, turnips were not on it! Everything else was, tho! Go figure...


I did a little checking and found that turnips have only 6.02 g net carbs per one cup cubed raw. I was checking the shopping list for a possible swap-out and thought that butternut squash would work as it has the firmness that turnip does. But when I checked their carbs it was 13.57 g net carbs per one cup cubed raw. Really? So I've left a comment about turnips on the website and I will see what he says. :)

Yes, it is time to talk about what I had for dinner tonight.

I took my list, went to the grocery store, bought a few things, and then came home and threw a plate of food together. Everything I ate tonight is keto friendly. What was it?

It is completely unexciting, yet surprisingly filling. I had rotisserie chicken legs, olives, and Italian salami. I'm sure it's not all that appetizing to look at, but hey - I'm not entertaining anyone tonight except myself.

So my day has come to an end. It's been busy, it's been successful, and now I'm sleepy.

Thanks for stopping by and I will see you all tomorrow!


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