Saturday, April 12, 2014

Week Twelve - Day Six: An Impromptu Get-Together!

Got a text message yesterday morning from my daughter-in-law. "There's an Easter egg hunt and rummage sale at POW-MIA Park tomorrow. Come join us if you want. We will be there from 10-12; and then 12-3:30ish at my house!"

Why yes, I would love to! So I grabbed Mom and we went grocery shopping. The list was not extensive. She was going to bring chips and dip. I was going to make potato salad and bring a veggie platter.

I made the potato salad last night so it would be ready for today. It allows it to chill really well and the flavors to meld.

Yes, it is just as good as it looks!

Obviously I was not going to stick too closely to my plan today, but I did watch what I ate. I had fruit salad, potato salad, bbq chicken, noshed on the veggie platter, and had a few more chips and dip then I had anticipated. But in retrospect it was the major meal of the day eaten in early afternoon. I didn't eat anything after 3 pm, so I am not going to bed tonight on a full stomach.

There was also homemade vegan chili, vegan cookies and a vegan chocolate cake that I did not partake of.

Nor did I have a bowl of ice cream. I did eat one bite, but I really can't eat ice cream for the most part.

It is one of the few things that will give me insulin dumping. If you have never experienced it, it is a very uncomfortable feeling. I feel lightheaded, get shaky, sweaty, my heart races, and I can't wait for it to pass. It is an awful feeling!

So although it was a fairly uneventful day, I did have fun with the neighbor's baby, my grandkids, and the dogs got to play together, all while visiting family!

And of course the day would not be complete without at least one goofy picture.

This is Madison, Maddie for short. All four pounds of the cutest chihuahua around! We could not help putting her in the empty box and getting a picture of that cute little face. She is very patient with our antics. Why, I don't know.

Have patience!
So that is my otherwise unexciting day. Tomorrow will be another day and I will continue my journey. I take it one day at a time. It's all I can do.

Thanks for hanging out with me.


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