Monday, April 14, 2014

Week Twelve - Day Seven: A Lovely Sunday!

My daughter's home is on the market and they were doing an Open House Sunday, so she came up to spend the day with me. Yeah! A day with my youngest grandson Jalen!

He loves coming up to see "Maddie Puppy" and this is the first time that he is actually comfortable enough with her to pick her up and pet her. She was happy to see him and sat with him on the floor while he played with his Chevron cars! But then again, Maddie has been close to him since before he was born.

Megan practiced "swaddling" on Maddie while pregnant with Jalen. When he came home from the hospital Maddie got to check him out, and then she wanted to sit in his seat! They have been "besties" ever since.

So how did my day go?

My day started off sharing breakfast sausages with Megan. Of course I had my coffee, but only one cup because I ran out. :( Boo-hoo! But then I found an unopened can of coffee in my pantry. Yeah!

Megan wanted to get Jalen's picture taken with the Easter Bunny, so off we went to the mall. It's 10:30 in the morning, half the stores are closed, and there is no Easter bunny.  WTH?


How frustrating is that? Our next stop was going to be Kohl's, so that's where we headed. I needed a new set of sheets; they had them on sale and I had a 20% off coupon! My $100 sheets only cost $40. Woohoo!!! One lucky girl I am!

I wanted this color, but it doesn't match anything. So I ended up with a pretty sage green. Besides, sage green is a very cool and calming color.

We got back to the house and Jalen was hungry. Umm... My pantry is not stocked for 3 year olds. No PBnJ. Sorry! Well, we went to Long John Silver's. I had a coupon for LJS too, so we ordered 2 meals, mine fish and hers chicken. "Big chicken nuggets" as Jalen called them. We also took advantage of the "text for a free large drink" deal! How did we do that? Just text "fish" to 41522 and they text you back the offer. (No, I am not a paid spokesperson! Hahaha!) So we had a cheap lunch. Jalen ate coleslaw and fries. I ate fish and coleslaw. Megan ate everything.

Yep, still sticking to my plan!
So far it's been a good day.
Mom & Dad haven't seen Megan in a year so we went to visit. Jalen got to know Smokey, but we left Leyla outside as she is too aggressive. He fed Smokey goldfish crackers. Then he started feeding me goldfish crackers. I ate them, but he didn't give me all that many. Grammy & Grampy (as my kids call them) enjoyed their visit, and then back to my house we went. Jalen still wanted more snacks. I made him popcorn. He was a happy boy!

All in all we had a great day together. We wore Jalen out! They got in the car, he grabbed his blanket, and then fell asleep less than 15 miles from my house.

But what did I then do with the rest of my day? Dad called me up and said he was making chicken and homemade noodles, and did I want to come over for dinner?

I didn't really want to, but it was the first meal he cooked in the new house so I couldn't say no. He always makes the best chicken and noodles. Dinner also included mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables. Although it was a fairly well rounded meal, it was not on my plan.

As you know, I have had gastric bypass and sometimes food just does not agree with me for no reason. It's random and it happens unexpectedly. It can hit me anywhere from the first bite to the last bite. That is what happened last night. It made me sick and I ended up throwing up.

Sorry if it's TMI.
It is my reality.
I did not tell dad because I didn't want to hurt his feelings. I loved his cooking, but tonight it did not love me.

So I came home, hibernated the rest of the night, and went to bed early. Very early! My life has been so hectic the last almost 4 weeks and it really caught up with me.

In fact, I didn't even get to write this Sunday night, like I normally do. I'm writing this early Monday morning.

I am wishing you a lovely week ahead. I will catch up with you tonight!

Much love!


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