Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Week Thirteen - Day Two: Tax Day, Pint Night, and Other Such Silliness...

I have to say I am absolutely ecstatic! Why? Because it's April 15th and I got my taxes in. Actually they were done a few days ago and I just had to mail in my check to the Franchise Tax Board. I don't understand how I can get a refund from the feds and yet owe the state. Oh well, it was only $36. And my refund? Hold on... $5! Woohoo!!!

I am one lucky girl!

And what about Pint Night? Well, it didn't happen. That is okay. I am over beer, but Captain, being the Irishman that he is, loves it. However, he is still trying to finish his taxes so he's not going to make it today. Even our friends, Tom and Susan, are not going tonight.

Abita;s Turbodog Brown Ale was tonight's pour.
This is what Captain missed! LOL!
My dad picked up his meds from the pharmacy today. It is his first refill since he got out of the hospital.  I have been keeping his pills filled in his pill keeper for him, so he asked if I would come over tonight and sort them. I said sure I would!

OK, maybe he doesn't have this many.
But it feels like it at times! :)

He also invited me to dinner. I thought about it, looking for a really good reason to stray from my plan. After much thought I decided not to because (a) I have been good all day and (b) it probably wouldn't be worth it.

Breakfast this morning was one egg and 3 slices of bacon. Maddie and I shared the bacon. No lunch, but I really wasn't hungry. For dinner I made an Asian chicken salad. I didn't have the mix, but I had bought the premade coleslaw and a bag of broccoli slaw. I mixed them both together for a more nourishing salad. I topped it with chicken and almonds and the dressing was sesame ginger. I also sliced up a cucumber to munch on. It was really good and really filling.

Yes, I have had a successful day. I am proud of myself. The crushing need to constantly eat because of stress is going away.

One thing I noticed (and forgive me if I have mentioned this before) is that when I was closely following my plan (no carbs, no grains of any kind) the itchy patches on my stomach and thighs went away. I may have an allergy to wheat, which would not surprise me. My brother, John, had severe wheat allergies when he was little.

So that has been my day. Just another step on the journey of my life. I will see you all tomorrow!


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  1. Hi Lin! It seems you had a pretty busy day, but it looks like it was quite fun and fulfilling for you. Anyway, it is quite confusing how you had a tax refund and still owe the state some money. But whatever the reason is, you can always contact them for any questions – I’m pretty sure they’ll be happy that you’ve asked them, instead of just assuming the worst. Thanks for sharing this with us, and have a great day!

    Wanda Hanson @ Tax Tiger