Friday, April 11, 2014

Week Twelve - Day Five: Heading into the Weekend!

Today my day started off really early. I got up at 6:30 to meet my dad at 7:15 for breakfast. We went to the Waffle Barn.

Yes, their waffles are probably the best I've ever had anywhere. This is a small family run business with only 3 locations. I'm lucky to have one close to me! I also love supporting local businesses.

Now, I bet you are asking,  "So, did you have a waffle?" No, I did not. You see that ham and eggs special? That is what I ordered. I ate the ham and the eggs and left the potatoes and toast behind.

It was so good! I love dipping breakfast meat of any kind into runny yolks. Then again, breakfasts are my favorite meal any time of the day!

What was I doing up so early anyhow, other than having breakfast with dad? Well, he had to take Smokey in to be bathed.

This is Smokey. She is a 20 lb Chihuahua. Well, not a pure bred, but she has a lot of Chihuahua in her; a LOT... of something... in her, let me tell you! But she is the sweetest dog you could ever have. She is now home and all clean and fluffy - in more ways than one! Hahaha!!!
I got home and decided to relax, play on my computer, watch senseless TV, clear off recordings from my DVR, have a little time all to myself; because heaven knows I haven't had all that much time to myself for a few weeks now.

Yeah, how did that work out for me? Not so good. Mom called and wanted me to come over and look at her yarn, take her shopping at JoAnn for more yarn, and then grocery shopping. No, not Wal-Mart this time, thankfully. We went to FoodMaxx, the local (unionized) warehouse grocery store. Whew!

I need to fill in the blanks!
I am hoping this does not turn out to be a daily expectation. I may go to the grocery store twice a week if I really, really need to. Otherwise I just make do with what I had.

Thanks for letting me whine! 
I finally got home, sat down and relaxed with my lunch. MMMmmm... Chopped Asian Salad. Taylor Farms makes a really good salad kit.

All I had to do was add chicken. I did pick out the wonton crisps, but everything else was great! I ate the whole bowl. It was just half a bag left from the other day, so it wasn't the entire package pictured here. That would be way too much! I was stuffed and happy. :)  I keeps me from eating the box of See's Easter candy that Captain bought me.

Because he is an evil boyfriend... Very evil... Very... But I love him, anyhow. He told me I could save it and share it with him after Lent. :)

He makes me giggle...

I have a confession. I was in the kitchen tonight making potato salad, and without even thinking I grabbed the bag of potato chips, opened it up, and ate a couple of them. Then I thought, "What the heck am I doing?" I grabbed my chip clip, closed them up and put them away. It's crazy how we eat without even thinking about it at times.

I am happy to say that the Asian chicken salad I had for lunch was enough for me for the evening, as I had it late in the afternoon. Tomorrow we are going to the park for a Easter egg hunt with the grandkids, then back to Jon & Cheryl's for lunch. It will be a fun afternoon. Like I said, I am making potato salad, but I will try to be cautious with what and how much I eat.

Fortunately I do - when I'm not having cravings!

In the meantime I wish you a beautiful night and send you much love.


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