Thursday, April 10, 2014

Week Twelve - Day Four: Making it All About Me!

Today was one of those days that I made all about me!

Maddie and I shared hot dogs and scrambled eggs for breakfast. Of course I also had 2 cups of coffee. We were both feeling full and happy!

I cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed, and then went grocery shopping so I could make this delicious #recipe I found on the web site The Sunny Skillet. I got everything to make Easy Cheesy Baked Ranch Chicken. How yummy does this look? Because it's a pound of chicken, it will last me about 3 days. :)

And although the recipe calls for 1-2 tbps of regular flour, I will swap it out for almond flour. Yum-O!

Hashtags? Seriously? Did I really just use a hashtag?

Sorry, I just had to throw in a little humor here!
Yes, I used a hashtag. I decided that when I use a recipe link I will hashtag it because it will make recipes on my blog easier to find. You can just use the search option. That's the cute little box on your right that says, "What are you looking for?" Brilliant, isn't it?

We were going to Concannon Vineyards for dinner at The Underdog Bar. Unfortunately they messed up our reservations, even though we made them in person, so we decided to cancel. Instead we went to the movies and dinner.

Yep, we saw Noah. I thought it was the worst thing I have ever seen. Really, there are no words to describe how bad it is. What you see in the trailers is nothing like what you see in the movie. I am one who doesn't mind when a movie director uses a little bit of "theatrical license" to embellish a biblical story, but when you turn it into a Tolkien fantasy, well that is way beyond theatrical license.

I had a Groupon for Pete's, so that is where we went. Well, we were going to, but when we left the movie neither one of us were very hungry. So we ended up around the corner at IHOP.

I had a (as in "one") breakfast crepe and salad. He had the bacon & cheddar crepes with hash browns. And coffee. Lots of coffee. I was tired and still had a 40 mile drive home.

All in all it was a good day. I'm slowly getting back in the groove. Tomorrow I will be making that chicken recipe. Can't wait! I hope you all had a lovely day!


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