Monday, April 14, 2014

Week Thirteen - Day One: Success!

Yes, it's lucky week 13. I have done quite well today, if I do say so myself!

This morning I got up, wrote my blog for yesterday (as you well know), had my coffee and then breakfast, which was just a few slices of bacon. I only eat breakfast because I have morning meds that I need to take with food.

It's nice to be getting back to my daily routine. Coffee, GMA, news, playing with Maddie, and occasionally I have things that I need to do.  Like see the dentist.

Did you know that DDS stands for Dandy Dental Service?
True fact!

So I shower, got dressed and headed into Sacramento. First I was meeting my friend Daileen for an early lunch. We went to Panda Express.

It was just OK. I had about half of the Sanghai Angus Beef and shared the rest with Daileen. It wasn't bad, but I should have ordered the shrimp. Next time I will. But it really wasn't about the lunch; it was about catching up on the gossip at work. So much is happening there. I now remember why I don't miss working there anymore. Happy to be retired!

From lunch it was off to the dentist. I really like him, he's a great dentist, but I just hate going to the dentist. I think I would rather give birth... Really... But I don't have any cavities or dental issues, so all is well with my smile.

Since my BFF Peggy works only a couple of miles away, I decided to stop by her office and visit her. We had a nice, long visit and she was hungry so we went to Carmelita's Mexican Restaurant, just down the street.

What? Eating again?

Yes, I was eating again, but let us recap, shall we? Breakfast - 3 slices of bacon; early lunch - 1/2 small order of Shanghai Beef; late lunch - one taco. Yes, all I had was a taco. Sadly, it did not agree with me. It's the first time Mexican food has not liked me. And we all know what happens when food doesn't agree with me.

No, we won't go down that road tonight.

So I am home and settled for the night. I feel very positive about how my day has gone, in spite of everything. I have 16 days still to reach my 10 lb weight loss for the month. I'm not setting huge goals, I am setting reachable goals.

Bidding you good night, sweet dreams, and I will see you all tomorrow!


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