Saturday, August 2, 2014

Week Thirty-one - Sorry I have been MIA!

Yes, I am sorry to say I have been MIA. Why, you may ask? Well, let me tell you...

Right after my last post I wasn't feeling very well. In fact, I just kept getting worse and worse. I had the flu for over 3 weeks. Finally I was on the road to recovery and it was another week after that before I felt all better and back to normal again.

Then the struggle started...

I have struggled for the last 3 weeks trying to get back on track. 

I have been going to water aerobics with my mom, but I'm not really dedicated to it because it's more a social event than an exercise class, although the water does feel good! 

I have had family visit - my brother came from Palm Springs, and then my step-sister from South Carolina. It does NOTHING to help one's resolve when eating out so much or enjoying the brother's gourmet cooking.

Then on the 31st of July I had my 63rd birthday; the celebrating starting the day before with winetasting and a sumptuous dinner. 

Now I was determined, starting August 1st, that I would get back on track. I mean, Cape Cod is only 29 days away, and I wanted to lose 10 more pounds!  Remember, I'm already down 25 lbs.

Well, it was not quick, I assure you.
Truth be told, you may not know that I had lost an additional 5 pounds when I was sick, but yes, the total is now at 25!  (Or maybe 27 - I lose count! I am blonde...)

I received some old family pictures from my cousin and seeing one of them was the catalyst to make me realized I needed to continue to lose weight. This is it:

This was taken in 1987 - left to right we have son Jon (age 7), me (not quite at my heaviest - I gained another 20 lbs after this was taken), daughter Megan (age 1), son Eric (age 12) and husband Paul. (For the 34 years we were married his weight never fluctuated more than 10 lbs either way. Wish I could have said the same for me! At this point in our marriage I had gained 140 lbs.)

As I've stated before, I had gastric bypass in 1999. I lost a total of 180 lbs. I am 33 lbs from that goal, and I would like to surpass it by an additional 10 lbs.

So, August 1st was my first day back on track - at least it was until the fundraiser Captain and I attended. For the most part I stayed on track - other than the fact that the food was Mexican theme and everything was served on tortillas or tortilla chips. I avoided most, but not all of it.

Now, determined to get back on track, I am going back to my roots and referencing the Atkins Induction Phase to keep it simple. No fancy recipes, as I had been focusing way too much on how to eat more dramatically. That would be fine if I were cooking for more than just me; but since it is only me most of the time I will Keep It Stupid Simple!

K. I. S. S. 
To say I have missed you is an understatement. I have missed sharing my days, hearing feedback from my friends, and most of all I have missed the accountability.

I am back, am getting on track, and looking forward to the 10 pound weight loss celebration before I leave for Cape Cod on August 29th.

As always, thanks for hanging with me! Until tomorrow!



  1. You've been through a lot the past month. Good thing you've fully recovered from the flu well before your birthday. It would've been a bummer celebrating it with you being sick and stuck in bed, resting. Anyway, you have an amazing weight loss journey, which just goes to show how determined you are to live a healthier lifestyle. Good luck with the Cape Cod event! All the best!

    Cathy Stewart @ The Good Health Practice

    1. Thanks for those kind words, Cathy. I so appreciate it! Yes, for me weight loss is a life long struggle. And it's nice to know, after all these years, just how my metabolism works. I truly believe that what works for one person doesn't always work for another. It's not a "one size fits all" world! Again, thank you! And thank you for reading my humble little blog.