Monday, August 4, 2014

Week Thirty-Two - And so a new week begins...

Yes, it's the first day of the week, a new beginning and another successful day.

My breakfast today was one basted egg and 3 slices of bacon, which I usually end up sharing with Maddie, so I don't really get all 3 slices of bacon.

My parents surprised me by buying themselves a new car on Saturday - a Ford C-Max. What a gorgeous vehicle!

Theirs is white -but it looks just like this one!
How gorgeous is that? 

Anyhow, this morning they wanted me to go with them to the car dealership so I could learn all about it - and in turn, teach dad everything about it. Overwhelming, to say the least!

When we were done there (and we really didn't get ALL done, but at least I learned the basics) we headed to Folsom to visit my daughter and her family. It was a beautiful day! The heat abated and a beautiful breeze was blowing. Jalen kept us entertained with his swimming abilities, and I must say that for a 4-year-old he is quite the fish. No fear of water!

A few hours later we realized we were all starved, so we headed out for Jack's Urban Eats.

I had their Buffalo Chicken Salad. It is fabulous! If you've never tried it, it has romaine lettuce with apples, celery, candied walnuts, shredded carrots, blue cheese crumbles and blue cheese dressing, plus buffalo chicken strips on top!

Yumminess on a blue plate! 
We all ate like pigs and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was such a lovely day today - 4 generations getting together. Nothing better than that!

Four generations from left to right:
Me, Mom, Dad, Ryan, Megan
and the star of the show - Jalen!

Finally it was time to go home. Hugs and kisses all round, and off we go.

Unfortunately dad's blood pressure started dropping and he wasn't doing too well by the time we got home. He had a cup of coffee, so that helped bring it back up. I stayed with them for a while until he was feeling better and his blood pressure started to stabilize.

I finally made it home and Maddie was certainly happy to see me! Aww... I am loved! LOL!! It was too late to really eat anything, but I did pour myself a glass of V-8 juice.

I spiced it up with a bit of celery salt and Louisiana hot sauce. Yummy!!! And it gave me some veggies, even if it was in liquid form.

Then the munchies set in. I hate when that happens. Maybe it was because of the one (1) bite of mac n cheese that Jalen shared with me? The Trisha Yearwood chocolate episode on Food Network? I don't know. Whatever set it off, I don't know. But I do know I resisted with the help of a handful of nuts.

Then I called it a night. I have fun plans for tomorrow!  Until then...


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