Friday, August 8, 2014

Week Thirty-Two - Three Very Stressful Days

Can I tell you that Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday have been crazy stressful???


So stressful, in fact, that it took me 3 days to write my blog about Monday!

In spite of all of the stress, I have managed to stay on my plan. This is what I ate:

Tuesday: Scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast; Asian chopped salad for lunch; cheeseburger (literally a burger with melted cheese on top) for dinner.

Wednesday: Bacon for breakfast; hot dogs, 1/2 peach and olives for lunch; cheese, nuts and a small glass of wine for dinner.

Thursday: Sausage and egg for breakfast; chicken cobb salad for lunch; 1/2 peach, bacon, nuts and a glass of wine for dinner.

Three square meals (well, square for me!) a day.

What has been causing all the stress, you may ask?

Dad and his blood pressure. After 4 days of his systolic dropping to the mid-80's (as in 84/52), he went to the doctor today. The doctor checked for everything - blood sugar, anemia, infection - and we kind of came to the conclusion that it might be the new diuretic his kidney doctor prescribed. He's only been on it 3 weeks, and his blood pressure started misbehaving starting about 2 weeks ago. By the time we got home this evening he was feeling better, his blood pressure was 128/62, and it had been 24 hours since he took the diuretic. Hopefully it's something as simple as that.

To say that my calendar has been screwed up is putting it mildly.

Had I known how sick he was on Monday I might not have gone to Calistoga.

Tuesday I was going to see my union friends and enjoy a lunch with the retirees. I cancelled. I had already changed my nail appointment.

Wednesday we met with the tentative housekeeper. They declined, but I stayed there all day because of how he was feeling.

Thursday I was supposed to get my nails done and my cousin, Mike, was coming for a visit. By now I moved my nail appointment to Friday; then Mike called to cancel his visit as he came down with a case of poison oak. Both were good things as the parents (yes, both of them) had a doctor's appointment today.

To say I survived is putting it mildly. So all I can say is...

Cheers! Here's to a better Friday and new, sparklie nails!


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