Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Week Twenty-Four - A Quiet Wednesday - NOT!!!

It's Wednesday and my daily grind has started. Captain has had breakfast and is gone; I've made myself a bacon sandwich on my almond flax bread and I'm sitting here enjoying my second cup of coffee.

Then the phone rings...

It's mom calling about dad. His blood pressure spiked up to almost 200 systolic, so he took his Cataprese, which brings his BP down in about 30 minutes. Unfortunately it went too low to 100 systolic. I rushed over there to see what was happening first hand. He had a little bit of coffee, which can raise his BP, and it was now 120 systolic; the diastolic was always in the mid-50's. After talking with the doctor we are slightly modifying his meds, hopefully for the last time.

My brother had gone out for a bike ride this morning before everything went wrong, and he finally called to say he was stuck on the other side of the river and how did he get back across so he could come home? I tried to explain it to him, but the words #epicfail comes to mind; so I picked him up.

I am a good sister!

Fortunately when we got back dad was taking a nap, which is a good thing. And since it was past lunch, John decided to eat something. There was pot roast left over from dinner so he took some of the meat, added barbecue sauce to it, put it on a ciabatta roll, and had a great sandwich. I, on the other hand, just took the meat with barbecue sauce and ate it as is.

Um... yeah, that was not a good choice, apparently. It sat in my stomach like a rock the rest of the day.

I finally decided to eat some cantaloupe about 9 o'clock tonight, and that was it for me. I was done eating.

It has been another successful day, even though I would love nothing more than to eat a big bowl of rice with butter and soy sauce. #CRAVINGS Ugh... But I resisted. So I am calling it a night, wishing you all well and sending you much love. I will be checking back in tomorrow!


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