Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Week Twenty-Three - It's That Tuesday!

Yes, I am pleased with myself! Made it thru Monday and now Tuesday. I love how I feel when I've stayed on track.

Monday night I did have the munchies after I had posted my blog, so I ate one of those vanilla bombs. They are really rich! Next time I will make the servings smaller. I also pan roasted some walnuts. YUM!!!

Tuesday I went to my parents' house because my brother was coming to town. Before I headed over there I made myself bacon and an egg. Their place is a mine field with all the goodies they keep on hand! Good grief!

Dad bought a pot roast for dinner so he seared it before putting it in the crockpot with the potatoes and veggies to cook for dinner. Then we were on our way to Costco to shop!

I stocked up on a few basic - peanut butter for cookies, nuts for snacking, and coffee. They have fabulous Costa Rican coffee. MMMmmm...

It is so good!
After shopping we decided we needed to get out the coffee grinder and see just how good it really was. And yes, it's just as good as we were hoping it would be!

I then got a phone call from Captain. He had a hard time getting out of town (he had been invited to dinner that night) and he wanted to know if brother John & I wanted to meet him at The Happy Viking for a pint.  Absolutely!!!

And what was the pint? Heretic Brewing's Evil Cousin. The boys liked it. I try to avoid beer! LOL! Yes, I had my Bloody Mary... After they had their two beers we headed back to the house, where dinner was waiting for us.

Now remember, I only had bacon and an egg for breakfast and a few nuts that afternoon. So when dad got dinner on the table, well, it looked amazing! Not only did we have the pot roast with potatoes and carrots, but a kale salad and raw broccoli with ranch dressing. I ate everything except the potatoes. And might I just say, it was all yummy. Dad is such a good cook!

And can you believe what Mom wanted for dessert? Yep, pumpkin pie. I did have a couple of bites, but that was it. Not enough carbs to affect my day.

Calling it a night, Captain and I finally came home. A little conversation, a little news, and that was it - good night!

Now on to a new day. I know it will be just as successful as today was, so I can't wait! See y'all Wednesday!


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