Monday, June 16, 2014

Week Twenty-Two - Pint Night, a Graduation, & the Rest of the Week!

Today I am feeling really focused. It feels good after the duck walk I've been on the past few days. Yesterday I was having cravings but did not cave into them. Sleep has become very erratic too, as I have had those darn Charley horses! They are not as bad as they were (am I getting used to walking more?), but when I have to get up and walk them out I want to snack! What's up with that? I just don't get why it gives me the munchies.

Tuesday morning was a quick breakfast of ham, then I was off to get new sparklie stuff on my nails! Checked on the parents (dad had a bad BP night, but is better this morning), came home and had lunch. I was going to have a tuna salad made with olives and marinated artichokes, but ended up not having the tuna, just the rest of the stuff. That's because I knew there wasn't a lot of time between lunch and Happy Viking. HV ended up being our usual - chicken wings and the Bloody Mary for me, a burger and pint for him.

Wednesday I was on my way to Indio to attend my niece Emily's high school graduation.  It is a very long drive - almost 600 miles - and so worth it, because not only did I get to see Emily, I also got to see her sister Danni, who is graduating from UC Santa Barbara.

Emily and Danni.
Aren't they beautiful?

Thursday was the graduation ceremony. It was a beautiful evening for it too, since it was outside. As the ceremony went on, a full moon rose in the east. The heavens were smiling that night!

She is now officially out of high school and getting ready for college - CS San Francisco!

Friday was the semi-formal graduation party and dinner at home that Emily requested. It was a sit-down dinner and we had grilled flank steak with olive tapenade, sour dough baguette with butter and roasted garlic, roasted red potatoes, a beautiful caprese salad, and creme brulee for dessert. Just a fabulous dinner! And the wine flowed like... well, wine!

Saturday I was up at 6:15 because I was taking Danni back home to Santa Barbara before I headed home. I had not driven up the coast in a long time and I really enjoyed myself.

Santa Barbara, California

Even though it took me 150 miles out of my way it was worth it. We got to discuss boys, her upcoming wedding, and all sorts of grown up things. It was so much fun moving into a new phase of life for her.

I got home late Saturday night, but not before stopping in Sacramento and having dinner with Captain. We ate at On the Border, one of our favorite chain Mexican restaurants. We also made plans for dinner Sunday at Pete's Brewhouse (pizza and Angry Orchard hard cider), as I had a Groupon that had to be used before it expired.

A boy and his pizza!

Even though I had not been strictly sticking to my "diet" but not going crazy overboard, I reiterated to Captain that Monday I will be getting back on track because Cape Cod is only 2 months away. He said he will support me. Hum... that remains to be seen as he has a tendency to order "pizza bones" at Happy Viking. Those are evil little pieces of pizza dough cut into bone shapes and covered with butter, garlic and cheese, baked up all hot and bubbly. Aghhh!!!

I know I stated on last Monday's blog that I wanted to blog daily, but this week has just not afforded me that pleasure. So you got the rest of my week all on one. Sorry... I'm hoping next week will be better!
So that has been my past 7 days. Hopefully the next 7 days will be more focused and in line with my goals. I will be starting water aerobics this week and they have a scale there, so I will be weighing myself more and sharing my progress.

Hope your week was productive! Sending much love your way.


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