Monday, June 16, 2014

Week Twenty-Three - Happy Monday!

Yesterday I told Captain I was getting really serious about watching what I eat because, remember, only 2 months until Cape Cod! And today has been successful.

My morning started with bacon - I cooked 6 thin slices so I could eat some now, some later. Out the door I go because I have a Quality Assurance committee meeting at Peach Tree Health.

After that I stopped at Mom's house so we could fill out her application for Butchie's Pool. We took it over there and got us all enrolled and... oops! She forgot her checkbook! Well, I got a check from her later and when I go over there tomorrow I will take it to them.

On the way home from Mom's I did a little bit of grocery shopping. I needed a few basic things, such as a new bag of generic Splenda, because I was going to make my Vanilla Fat Bombs again. If you haven't made this #recipe yet, I would highly encourage it. It really helps cut down on the cravings!

After that it was a quiet day spent going through 5 days worth of emails and such. Finally I decided to have a bit of dinner, so I made a beautiful salad. I used George Stella's #recipe for Green Goddess Dip as the salad dressing. I couldn't find any tarragon so I used dill. One word to describe it would be "yummy!" My salad had lettuce, ham, cheese and artichokes on it. So good and filling!

Doesn't this dip look delicious?

Maddie and I went for a little walk; I came back and relaxed with a glass of wine. Just one glass! Merlo Vineyard's 2011 Rosé chilled icy cold. Now I am going to bake a loaf of Almond Flax Bread. I will let you know how that #recipe tastes tomorrow.

In the meantime have a great night and I will see you tomorrow!


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