Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Week One - Day Two

Well, last night I was trying really hard not to snack, so I made a snacky dinner.  Yes, I know, I was going to make an omelet, but that seemed like too much work. Instead I made crispy cheddar cheese crisps. Oh, my goodness! It filled me up and it curbed my cravings.  A winner! I finished the night off with a 5oz glass of red wine, which is allowed and low carb.  Day one was now complete.

My morning started off just fine.  Coffee and a cheese omelet.  I was full when I got done and feeling very satisfied.  But then along came lunch and I was busy so I didn't eat.  About 2 o'clock I realized I was starving and wanted to eat everything in the kitchen. Remember those evil triscuits I talked about yesterday? They are still calling my name.  Not wanting to eat too much because Captain and I are going out tonight with friends, I decided to make some bacon.  Plain and simple.  Hunger assuaged!!!

Now all I needed to worry about is The Happy Viking whose special beer of the night is Heretic Brewing's Evil Twin!!  As of this time I am planning on eating a salad and drinking a Bloody Mary.  Ahhh... the saga continues!

Well, I made it thru The Happy Viking without too much damage.  I had fried pickles (I was delighted they had minimal breading on them!), two chicken wings, a BBQ chicken salad, and only half a beer.  So although I cheated a bit it wasn't as bad as it could be.  

Like I said, it's a daily struggle.  That's why I'm sharing with you, to remind you that we are all human but we keep slugging on...  Now, on to day 3!

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