Thursday, January 30, 2014

Week One - Day Four

Day 4 is winding down. How did i do?

Well, it was a busy day. I started off with a bacon and cheese omelet to get my day started, because I knew I had errands to run and I wasn't sure when I was going to get to eat again. Off I went to get my nails done, pay the rent and grocery shop.  Well, two out of three completed.  

After nails and rent I had just enough time to stop at home and eat lunch before my board meeting started. What did I have?  Yep, those tasty little roll-ups!

Time for my board meeting, which started at 2:45.  We didn't get done until 6:30. Whew, I'm tired, but I'm hungry, and I still have to go grocery shopping.  They say you should never go shopping when you're hungry, but list in hand I was determined to stick to it.

I was very good.  I bought radishes for snacking.  Radishes? Yep, radishes.  Did you know you can smear herb butter on them and they are divine?  I didn't know that either.  Until I found this recipe. Tomorrow I will be trying it.  (Is it tomorrow yet?)

I also bought a cauliflower so I can make cauliflower soup.  Did I mention it has bacon and cheese on top? MMMmmm... it will be so very tasty.

And finally I bought a can of whole chilis so I can make Pioneer Woman's Lazy Chili Rellenos and a spaghetti squash so I can eat it covered with this glorious parmesan cheese sauce.

I am set for a few days except for some staples.  As for dinner tonight? I just steamed a hot dog, crisped it up, cut it up in bites, and chowed down.  I am trying to not eat too much in the evenings. Isn't it great that there are no carbs in hot dogs? Nathans. YUM-O!!! The best! 

Day 4 has been a success. Thanks for hanging with me. 

Love you all bunches!

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