Thursday, March 17, 2011

What's new in Lin's life?

As stated in my blog, "I Wanna Talk About Me," I gave you a rundown on what was happening with me.  Here is an update!!!

1. I said I wanted to lose 30 pounds before I go to Hawaii.  I have lost 46 pounds! I am looking ever so adorable!!

2. I saw the doctor on March 1st. Everything came back AOK, except I have a bacterial infection from my ulcer. I am now on antibiotics and all is well!

3. Taxes are done and I am getting almost $1,600 back. Life is good!

4. I have all of the things I need to go to the Social Security Office and get my paperwork started. I just need to make the appointment.

5. No progress on the passport. It is still on my horizon. But it will be started in May. Guaranteed!

6. I'm still walking the lake. Maddie still tries to wallow in the duck poop. She will not learn that when she does it she gets a bath, which she hates.  Payback can be rewarding. :) 

7. I did sign up on  Met Gordon. One date, a gazillion emails. Then he stopped emailing. Whatever.  Met Ric. Dinner, lunch, a Miata Car Club day on the road with the ragtop down.  Hasn't called all week, so IDK!  Met Rick. Saw True Grit; celebrated his birthday; dinner at Outback; having a great time.  He fertilizes my crops.  :-D  On Farmville! What did you think I was talking about???

8. I have let go of a lot of the past mistakes.  I am moving on with my life and I love it.  It is good to love ourselves!

So there you have my newest update.  I am happy and healthy and looking forward to my time in Hawaii where I will be spending my youngest grandson's first birthday.  And cook for his mommy and daddy.  March 27th is a perfect date!  Now that really makes my day!!!

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  1. I love your positive energy! You can do anything! You go girl!