Sunday, March 20, 2011

Grandmothers & Grandbabies...

We all have heroes in our lives.  Mine was my grandmother, whom I affectionately called Mimi. She was my protector and defender, my rock, and she taught me what unconditional love is.  She was always there for me when I needed someone.

I am now a grandmother, and I strive to be the same kind of grandmother to my grandchildren as she was to me.  I adore my grandbabies and I hope they know how much I love them... from the bottom of my heart I love them.  Let me introduce you to them!

This is Elliott Charles Jenkins. He joined our family when he was 12.  My first grandson! :)  Everyone welcomed him with open arms and we love him!  It was such a delight at Christmas to watch him interact with the rest of the Larson clan.  Our Christmases were different than what he had ever experienced.  All 20 of us waiting to open presents together; an overabundance of food was always available; and cousins to play with and hang out with!  He is now 21 and getting ready to be on his own.  Where has the time gone?

This is Erin Michelle Larson, my only granddaughter.  She is the light of my life.  I love having her help me in the kitchen. She loves Nanny's quilts.  Her favorite is my pumpkin quilt. I keep it on my bed so when she is over here visiting she can lay on it to watch TV.  We love to do jigsaw puzzles together. She has determined that we are "girl geniuses" when we complete one!  I vividly remember the night she was born.  Her daddy, Jon, called to say that mommy Cheryl was in labor and they needed to leave for the hospital.  I'll be there to babysit Elliott in 30 minutes! I was just turning down their street as they were leaving their street. Apparently they couldn't wait any longer for me.  The plan was that after they got settled in the hospital room we would all go to the hospital for "the wait."  I had even made Elliott a goodie bag so he would have something to do to keep himself entertained while waiting!  Less than an hour after getting there Jon called.  Hi, son! How is everything going?  She is here and (as yet to be named) baby and mommy are doing fine!  Apparently Erin decided to not wait and made her entrance into this world less than 15 minutes after they got to the hospital. She was so beautiful with those blue eyes and red hair.  How blessed I am!!! Eight years later she is still one busy go-getter who loves t-ball, bowling, swimming and raising chickens in 4-H.  Always on the go!

Four years later along comes Evan Thomas Larson.  This time I didn't need to babysit; I just waited for the phone call that he had arrived.  I remember looking at him thru the nursery window thinking how beautiful he was, but who did he look like?  I just didn't know - he had a look all his own.  Like his sister, he is also a red-head, and every inch a boy!  As he has gotten older he has become the carbon copy of his daddy.  Being the boy that he is, he loves making farting sounds, playing with trucks (especially Stinky the Garbage Truck), and pretending to be a monster, complete with sound effects.  He also has an affinity for finding money.  My favorite quote when he found a penny was, "I found money! It's my lucky day!"  I always have a handful of change in my purse when I go to visit. I have to divide it evenly between the two of them and the money goes into their piggy banks.  Well, it's supposed to!  Evan loves to swim and has no fear of the water. He is starting t-ball this year. I'm looking forward to watching him.

Finally we have Jalen Chris Durling.  He will be one year old on March 27th.  Mommy Megan spent a lot of time with me when she was pregnant because Daddy Ryan is an officer in the Army and was stationed in Hawaii, so they could not be together.  The morning Megan went into labor I got the phone call and headed out for the hospital.  I was so blessed to spend the whole time there and witness his birth.  One look at him and I could see that he was the carbon copy of his daddy.  His homage to the Larson clan is his round face, which is just like Grandfather Larson.  He has one tooth, is a quick crawler, and loves food!  (He is a chow hound.)  Like his daddy, he loves the water.  Like his mommy, he is slow to walk and cut teeth.  I am so lucky to be able to join him in Hawaii as we celebrate his first birthday.

So these are my grandkids, whom I love so much it hurts.  Unconditional love is an amazing thing.

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  1. Hi Lin - I know what you mean by "I love them so much it hurts!" I was blessed to see both of my grandchildren come into the world and now they are my world. Love your pictures and cute stories.
    ~ Kathy McKenzie