Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hawaii Day 1 1/2

On my way to the Land of Aloha!

My Hawaiian vacation started with my boarding the plane at 8:50 Sunday morning.  It was a cool, cloudy day. I was fortunate enough to get a window seat!

At 9:40 the plane lifted off over the rain soaked landscape of Sacramento; good-bye rain and gloom!  It was a smooth flight!

I love flying over the ocean. It's hard to tell where the water ends and the sky begins; and of course the clouds are just beautiful!

After five hours there is finally land in sight! We have reached the Land of Aloha - and in the distance is the Island of Molokai.  Sweet! That means the Island of Oahu is not too far now!

Finally it is within view - the windward side of the island, Diamond Head and Waikiki. 

My seat mate, Sami, and I enjoyed the walk thru the terminal to get our luggage. (We decided to NOT take the wiki-shuttle to baggage claim.) She lives in Kailua Kona and was visiting her sister in Sacramento.  The airport is beautiful and open air with a beautiful Japanese Garden in the center.

Megan and I spied each other at the same time! Hugs, kisses and tears ensued.  "Look at you, sexy Nanny!" she said! :)  We gathered all the luggage and headed to the car, onto the freeway and pointed the car towards Hickam Beach for the birthday party.

Friends and family were waiting. Remiey, Rhiannon, Ryan, Johanna, G'ma Seaneen, Nanny, and of course Daddy Ryan and Mommy Megan were all there to celebrate Jalen's 1st birthday.  

Ryan barbecued hamburgers and hot dogs, and of course there were chips and pasta salad. After we had stuffed ourselves we opened birthday presents, and then it was time for the piece de resistance - THE BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!

Jalen was a little bit apprehensive at first, but then dug in with both hands, raking his fingers through it before stuffing it into his mouth. He had his own Mickey Mouse cake!  Yum-o!!!

It was a perfect day to celebrate a 1st Birthday!

The next day was Jalen's 1 year check-up with the doctor.  He is normal, healthy and happy.  Got his 1-year shots, a TB test, and a finger prick to check for anemia.  So far, so good! It was a busy day; Grandma Seaneen wanted to stay at the cabins at Pokai Bay, a military beach along the Waianaie Coast. It's a beautiful drive on the western side of the Island and quite lovely there.

Today we are going to the Dole Pineapple Plantation. It will be a good day.  Stay tuned!

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