Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Karma is a Bitch

Today I received an email that was intended for someone else - and it was about me.  It said:

"She had better not be saying I took her pens.. why would I do that?

And anyway they are district property she has ordered all kinds of crap from Sierra Office for her and Cynthia by the way.


 I don’t ever order anything without checking with Joe /Mark etc first even a small thing.

 She never does…

 And she has never said Happy Birthday even though people have said it in front of her to me.

 Oh well Karma is a bitch."

What precipitated this, you may ask?  All I did was ask, "Do you have my Dr. Grip pens?"

I am upset because this email is really not about the pens. It is about causing trouble. My comment was misconstrued and thrown out there to someone in the district; and I have no way to explain or defend my comments. 

Yes, Karma is a bitch. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Because what goes around, comes around.

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