Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Listen Like a Boy

Jack extended an invitation to attend his daughter Marcy’s birthday party. Oh, how I love a good party, and I accepted the invite, thank you very much!

While at dinner with my friend Janice, I called Jack and asked what could I get Marcy for a present. “You don’t have to get her anything!” Silly answer, because yes, I do! What does she like to do? Is she allergic to perfume? Does she like to read? I could get her a Barnes & Noble gift card. “Oh, that would be perfect! I got her an e-reader like a Kindle from BN.” I heard, “I got her a Kindle from BN.”

So after dinner us girls went shopping at BN.

Imagine my surprise when I walked in the store and there was a Nook display! Janice said, “Oh, how I’d love to have a little Nookie!” I looked at her and said, “Janice, did you really just say what I heard you say?”  Embarrassment and hysterical laughter ensued! “I didn’t even think about what I was saying! I was just thinking that they are little, and cute, and a Nook, and well…” Stop while you’re ahead, Janice!

Now I was confused. I thought Jack said Kindle, but BN only has the Nook. Another phone call?  Still trying to recover from the aforementioned hilarity I did call him again.  “Jack, they don’t have Kindle, only Nook!” “No, I said it was LIKE the Kindle, only the BN brand. And I did not get her the color.” I heard, “I got her the Color.”
Well, I decided to not get her a gift card but rather a Nook cover. The sales person pointed me to the covers for the Nook Color. So many choices, but I picked a beautiful pistachio green cover with a quote embossed on it. Perfect!

Present wrapped and we are good to go!

Saturday arrives and Jack comes to pick me up. We are loading lasagna and cheesecake into Petey. I grab the present and as I’m getting into the car I say, “I got her a gorgeous Nook cover. I’m glad you told me it is Color because there are two different kinds!” “No, I said it was NOT the Color.”  Well, she will get the pleasure of opening the present, and then she can exchange it for whatever she wants.

Time to open presents! She loved the Nook. Her daddy had a great time showing her how it works. She loved the cover, too! Of course the entire story had to be shared, and we all got a good laugh out of it. Jack looked at me and said, “You listen like a boy!”  I’m sorry, it’s all my fault; please forgive me!  ~giggle~ Lots of teasing and joking ensued. I did exchange the Nook Color cover for a regular Nook cover in pink. Marcy was thrilled.

This leads us to Facebook postings yesterday. Jack posted that, yes, he did break down and buy himself a Nook. Couldn’t let Marcy have all the fun!  He shared a link with me for the libraries where you can download free e-book! After checking out the link I said, You're awesome! You've convinced me! :) His comment?   "I repeat... A Nook! Not a Kindle. Nook, Nook, Nook, Nook, Nook, Nook, Nook, Nook, Nook, Nook! Ha Ha!"

Lesson learned. I no longer listen like a boy!



  1. Uhhhh.... I said, "You listen like a guy." ... not a boy....Guys hear every other word, boys don't hear a damn thing.

  2. ~embarrassment~ So apparently I still listen like a guy and I have not yet learned. ~sigh~