Saturday, February 19, 2011

Welcome to my blog!

So this is my first blog. My daughter, Megan, felt I needed this more than Facebook to vent, write, post, whatever. Therefore, I have arrived! However, if you are a Facebook lover, feel free to find me on my Facebook profile!

Paul and I have 3 children; Eric, Jon & Megan. Now let me introduce you to them and their families. 

This is my oldest son, Eric. He is living in The Valley and I miss him. He is getting ready to start his EMT course and I'm so happy for him. He has quite an affinity and compassion for helping people who are physically ill.  I am happy to say he has given up the carnival business. I think it would make his daddy happy, too!

This is my son, Jon, and his family; wife Cheryl, and children Elliott (age 21), Erin (age 8) and Evan (age 4). They are busy with school, 4-H, and now with summer approaching it will be T-ball and swimming! I love it when they come to visit. I still owe them a waffle breakfast!

Finally, this is my daughter, Megan - the reason I have this blog in the first place! She and her family, husband Ryan and baby Jalen, live in Hawaii. I so miss having her close by. But we talk or text or message or Facebook on a daily basis. We are never out of touch!

Welcome to the Larson Family…  Welcome to my blogspot... I hope you enjoy it!


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